A Group of ships

Groups , initially referred to as Wings , permit npcs as well as leaders to fly with each other in teams of as much as 4 ships. Wings enables several advantages for numerous functions. As an example, investors can be accompanied by their colleagues for added safety and security, and also the companions will certainly gain 5% of the investor"s make money from offering products. Staff member can additionally secure onto each various other to follow their hyperspace paths, and also one participant of a group will instantly go down of out supercruise if they comply with the wake of an additional Employee. Wing Goals can be shared amongst all participants of a Group.


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Leaving as well as signing up with


Sideview of ships in a Wing

Signing up with as well as leaving a Group is executed via the comms panel of the HUD.


To begin a wing, choose a Leader from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel as well as pick "Welcome to Wing."

You"ll see the call detailed under a brand-new, "Wing Demands" heading.

As soon as the Leader approves the invite, a wing is developed. All wingmen calls will certainly be detailed under a "Wings" heading.

All wingmen might provide welcomes up until the wing is complete (has 4 Leaders).


When a Leader welcomes you to sign up with a wing, an alert pen will certainly show up alongside your Inbox tab.

Browse to your Inbox tab in the Comms Panel to see the invite.

Emphasize and also choose the TICK/CHECKMARK to approve the invite.

Emphasize and also choose the CROSS/X to decrease the invite.


To leave a wing, pick the Options access under the "Wings" heading from the Comms Contacts tab and also pick "Leave Wing."

You can leave a wing at any moment. Nonetheless, if you leave a wing there is a cool off prior to you can sign up with or begin a brand-new wing.

User interface


A team of 4 pilots in a Wing

Changing the ship caution lights HUD bar is the wings user interface. The caution lights are transferred to the top of the Information Panel.

Each wingman in your wing will certainly have a condition aspect in the wings user interface HUD.

This component shows a number of items of info:

Wing Symbol: each wingman has a ID symbol utilized to determine them in the HUD Your very own ID symbol is presented on top left of your Comms Panel tab line Bordering the ID symbol is a collection of concentric rings revealing the wingman"s ship guard condition As the guards are diminished the rings diminish Listed below the guard standing is a bar revealing the wingman"s ship hull standing As the hull is harmed bench is decreased Listed below the hull standing is the wingman's Leader name To the left of the Leader name is the Wingman"s voice condition Listed below the Leader name is the wingman"s present target If the wingman remains in a various system the system name is presented below

When a wingman targets a vessel, their ID symbol will certainly show up alongside the entity when you check out it.

All HUD components gotten in touch with your wingmen are coloured cyan to assist you identify them.

When a vessel is aggressive to a wingman, it will certainly present with purple HUD components to educate you of the state.

When you target a vessel as well as do a standard check, the lower left target information panel will certainly present if the ship remains in a wing as well as the amount of participants the wing has.



Wings symbols

There are a number of advantageous functions that come to be energetic when you remain in a wing:

Wingman Targeting

New Binding Default Binding Select Wingman 1 7 Select Wingman 2 8 Select Wingman 3 9 Select Wingman"s Target 0

You can utilize brand-new hotkey bindings to promptly target each wingman in your wing.

, if you target a wingman you will certainly target their wake if relevant..

, if you target a wingman in a various system you will certainly target their system..

If you have actually a wingman targeted, you can utilize the Select Wingman"s Target binding.

On top of that, all scans done by wingmen are shared throughout the whole wing as long as they exist at the place.

Wingman Relaxed Needs

When making use of wakes developed by your wingmen, you can take a trip faster and also be better away as well as still securely utilize them.

Wingman Criminal Offense Exception

You can not dedicate criminal activities versus wingmen as well as no authorities will certainly interfere as long as your activities do not influence various other ships or frameworks.

Freight can be openly moved in between wingmen that all matter as its proprietor.

Criminal offenses versus non-wingmen stay individual. Various other wingmen are not penalized straight, though they might well devote criminal activities if they desire to assist.

Wingman Nav-Lock

You can servant your ship"s framework change drive to a wingman"s vessel. Select a Leader from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel that is detailed under the "Wing" heading as well as select "Engage Wingman Nav-Lock."

You will certainly see a square pen show up on the wingman"s standing component in the wing user interface.

The list below impacts happen * instantly * if you are close adequate to them when you are nav-locked.

When the nav-lock pen is cyan, you are within nav-lock variety.

When the nav-lock pen is red, you run out variety.

You will certainly comply with the wingman right into and also out of incredibly cruise ship Typical needs still use (pulled back hardpoints as well as equipment, and so on) You will certainly comply with the wingman right into a hyperspace dive Common needs still use (withdrawed hardpoints as well as equipment, qualified FSD, gas, and so on) You will certainly comply with the wingman"s wakes Basic needs still use

Keep in mind, you can just servant your drive to a solitary wingman at once, yet you can transform the nav-lock target openly.

To shut off the nav-lock, choose the nav-locked Leader from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel that is provided under the "Wing" heading and also select "Terminate Wingman Nav-Lock."

Wingman Sign Signal

When in typical room, you can trigger your ship"s beacon signal, by browsing to the Features tab, choosing and also highlighting "Sign."

Pick "Wing" to transform the sign signal on.

Select "Off" to transform the sign signal off.

Whilst the sign signal gets on, any type of Leaders at very cruise ship in your system will certainly see a signal get in touch with on their sensing units.

You can go down as well as target out at a signal call to get to the wingman"s area in regular room.

Wingman Carnage Missions

Sharing wing bloodbath goals:

Carnage objectives might be shared within a wing by clicking the "Share" switch for the wing bloodbath objective in the Deals panel Each leader in the wing can just share one wing objective each When an objective is shared, each wing participant will certainly obtain a message showing that a brand-new goal is offered for them in the Purchases panel Wing participants should then approve common goals in the Purchases panel Wing participants do not require to have any kind of track record with the intrigue that released the initial goal; this makes it feasible to share goals that pay a lot of credit ratings with Leaders that are not in fact qualified for those goals yet

Development sharing:

The Leader that shares the carnage objective likewise shares the existing progression of the objective (e.g. if the Leader"s development is 49/50 eliminates, then the wing participants will certainly additionally see 49/50 eliminates after approving the common objective) Wing participants do not require to be existing in the very same system as the Leader that shared the goal for development to upgrade

Finishing objectives:

Upon objective conclusion, in order for wing participants to obtain the objective incentive, the Leader that shared the objective should initially turn-in the finished goal The wing participants will certainly then obtain a message suggesting that they are additionally able to turn-in the goal and also gather their incentive for all of it Leaders should turn-in the objective at the very same terminal, to the very same intrigue, that released the objective If a wing participant tries to turn-in the goal prior to the Leader that shared it has turned-in, they will certainly not see the finished goal on the Objective Board Benefits for conclusion of bloodbath objectives are not shared; each leader obtains the complete incentive quantity as well as has the ability to select their recommended benefit from the objective"s 3 benefit choices

Wingman Shared Bounties

Since Update 2.3, every wing-man gets a duplicate of the complete bounty, as long as they exist when the desired vessel is damaged. They do not require to land any kind of appeal the desired vessel in order to obtain the bounty.

Wingman Profession Reward

Key post: Profession Returns

Profession Dividends are obtained when in a wing with a person makes a lucrative profession, as long as you are additionally in the very same galaxy. They are coupons for a repayment of credit scores, granted by starports to motivate the security of investors in the system.

They might be handed in at any kind of starport in the system, using the Starport Solutions Food Selection → Contacts → Citizen Safety Workplace.

All wingmen in the team obtain a 5% incentive of the product"s revenue being marketed.

Formula: Earnings Per Bunch * Quantity Marketed * 0.05 = Profession Returns

Wingman Shared Expedition

When in the exact same system as your wingmen, expedition information is granted for all wingmen existing, enabling the whole wing to earnings.

The initial individual to hand the information in is qualified for any type of incentive repayment, yet if the information comprises a brand-new exploration, all wingmen existing in the system when the body was checked will certainly be noted as the detectors.


Groups were presented to Elite Dangerous as "Wings" in the 1.2 upgrade. Wings were relabelled to Groups in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey in order to combine the attribute throughout both ship and also Walking tasks.

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