p Emmett J Conrad Senior High School solid is a secondary school in Dallas, TX , in the Dallas ISD solid college district.As of the 2019-2020 academic year, it had 1,347 pupils 80.7% solid of pupils were taken into consideration in danger of quiting of institution. solid 54.6% of pupils were signed up in english as well as multilingual language finding out programs. p The college obtained a responsibility ranking of solid B for the previous institution year.Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the state forgoed responsibility rankings for the 2019-2020 academic year. p Among 2019, 77.8% of pupils got their senior high school diplomas on schedule or earlier.The failure price for pupils in qualities 9-12 was 4% throughout the 2018-2019 solid academic year. The typical SAT rating at Emmett J Conrad Secondary School was 866 for 2018-2019 graduates.The typical ACT rating was 15.1 solid p Since the 2019-2020 solid academic year, an ordinary instructor"s income was solid $59,955 solid, which is $2,864 even more than the state average.On standard, instructors had 9.1 years solid of experience. p br Touch the map or click to make it possible for panning and also zooming. Get in touch with info h2 Internet site www.dallasisd.org/conrad Address 7502 Fair Oaks AveDallas, TX 75231 h3 Workplace contact number h3 (972) 502-2300 p Principal Temesghen Asmerom Greater Ed Outcomes p Pupils in Emmett J Conrad Secondary School become part of the Texas Education and learning Firm's Area 10 Pupils that began 8th quality in solid 2008 solid in this area had an university graduation price of 22.1 percent solid Sight a much more thorough malfunction of the college results in Area 10 DemographicsAcademicsCollege readinessStaff Concealed —-- This fact is concealed since it might make it feasible to determine a pupil. N/A —-- No information is readily available, or the number is absolutely no. p Demographics Race as well as ethnic background br Overall trainees 1,347 African American p 307 (22.8%) p Dallas ISD: 21.6% Statewide: 12.6% p American Indian p 3 (0.2%) p Dallas ISD: 0.5% p Statewide: 0.4% p br Eastern 171 (12.7%) p Dallas ISD: 1.2% p Statewide: 4.6% p Hispanic p 817 (60.7%) Dallas ISD: 69.8% p Statewide: 52.8% p Pacific Islander p 2 (0.1%) p Dallas ISD: 0.1% p Statewide: 0.2% p White p 39 (2.9%) Dallas ISD: 5.8% p Statewide: 27% br 2 or even more races 8 (0.6%) Dallas ISD: 1% Statewide: 2.5% p br African American 22.8% p br p American Indian br 0.2% p Oriental p 12.7% p Hispanic p 60.7% Pacific Islander p 0.1% p White p 2.9% p 2 or even more races 0.6% Danger variables A trainee is determined as going to danger of quiting of college based upon state-defined standards. A trainee is specified as "financially deprived" if she or he is qualified for reduced-price or totally free lunch or various other public help. p br p At-risk trainees p 80.7 % p Dallas ISD: 65.2% Statewide: 50.6% Financially deprived 97.3 % p Dallas ISD: 85.9% Statewide: 60.3% br p Minimal English efficiency p 57.9 % Dallas ISD: 45.6% p Statewide: 20.3% At-risk pupils p 80.7% p Econ. deprived 97.3% p Minimal Eng. efficiency br 57.9% Registration by program A take a look at the percent of trainees signed up in particular programs supplied at atlanticalover.com for the 2019-2020 institution year.A pupil can be signed up in greater than one program. Bilingual/ESL p 54.6 % Dallas ISD: 44.1% p Statewide: 20.6% Job as well as Technical p 75.3 % p Dallas ISD: 23.2% Statewide: 27.6% br p Gifted and also talented 8.9 % Dallas ISD: 14.3% p Statewide: 8.1% p Unique Education and learning p 8.1 % p Dallas ISD: 9.4% Statewide: 10.5% br p Bilingual/ESL 54.6% p Occupation as well as technological p br 75.3% p Skilled as well as talented p 8.9% p Unique education and learning 8.1% p Academics h3 Responsibility scores h3 p Texas designates rankings to areas and also schools that assign their efficiency in connection with the state"s responsibility system. The statewaived liability ratingsfor the 2019-2020 college year due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic. All Texas public institution areas as well as universities got the tag "Not Ranked: Proclaimed State of Catastrophe."Our atlanticalover.com traveler reveals the liability scores from the 2018-2019 academic year. p General p B p Dallas ISD: B br p Trainee accomplishment p C p Dallas ISD: C p Institution development B Dallas ISD: B p Closing the voids p C Dallas ISD: C The total qualities are based upon 3 groups: pupil success (just how well pupils carry out academically), institution progression (exactly how well pupils carry out gradually and also contrasted to trainees in comparable atlanticalover.com) as well as shutting the voids (exactly how well atlanticalover.com are improving efficiency for subgroups such as pupils with unique demands). For an in-depth description of this year's responsibility system, see the 2020 Responsibility Guidebook. p Four-year college graduation prices h3 br The portion of pupils that began 9th quality in 2015-2016 and also obtained a secondary school diploma on schedule —-- by solid Aug. 31, 2020 Discover more concerning just how four-year college graduation prices are specified. p All trainees 77.8 % p Dallas ISD: 85.4% Statewide: 90% p African American p 79.4 % p Dallas ISD: 84.2% p Statewide: 86.2% American Indian p N/A Dallas ISD: 72.4% p Statewide: 87.3% p Oriental p 65.2 % p Dallas ISD: 85.4% Statewide: 96.4% Hispanic 79.6 % p Dallas ISD: 85.6% p Statewide: 88.2% p br p Pacific Islander p N/A Dallas ISD: Masked p Statewide: 88% White p 100 % p Dallas ISD: 90.2% p Statewide: 93.7% p 2 or even more races p Masked p Dallas ISD: 77.5% Statewide: 91.4% African American p 79.4% American Indian N/A Eastern p br 65.2% p Hispanic p 79.6% p Pacific Islander br N/A White p 100.0% p 2 or even more races Masked br Failure prices h3 The failure price for trainees in qualities 9-12 throughout the 2018-2019 college year.It is computed by separating the variety of failures by the variety of pupils that remained in participation at any moment throughout the academic year. p All trainees p 4 % Dallas ISD: 3.3% p Statewide: 1.9% p American Indian Masked p Dallas ISD: 4.5% Statewide: 2.5% p br p African American p 2.1 % p Dallas ISD: 3.5% Statewide: 3% br p Oriental p 9.8 % p Dallas ISD: 4.5% Statewide: 0.6% Hispanic 3.8 % p Dallas ISD: 3.2% p Statewide: 2.3% Pacific Islander p Masked p Dallas ISD: 6.8% p Statewide: 2.1% White 2.1 % Dallas ISD: 2% Statewide: 1% p 2 or even more races 0 % Dallas ISD: 3.1% Statewide: 1.7% p University preparedness h2 AP/IB engagement h3 The portion of trainees in qualities 11 and also 12 taking at the very least one Advanced Positioning (AP) or Worldwide Bachelor's Degree (IB) examination in any type of subjectduring the 2018-2019 academic year. p br All trainees p 22.3 % p Dallas ISD: 38.3% Statewide: 25.2% p African American p 19.4 % p Dallas ISD: 27.7% p Statewide: 16.2% American Indian N/A p Dallas ISD: 36.2% Statewide: 19.4% p Eastern p 14.8 % p Dallas ISD: 52.1% p Statewide: 60.5% p Hispanic p 25.5 % p Dallas ISD: 38.8% p Statewide: 23% p Pacific Islander p N/A Dallas ISD: 64.3% p Statewide: 21.2% p White p 23.8 % p Dallas ISD: 67.2% p Statewide: 27% p 2 or even more races p Masked Dallas ISD: 58.8% p Statewide: 28.4% h3 AP/IB efficiency The portion of test-taking trainees in qualities 11 and also 12 that passed at the very least one AP or IB test in the 2018-2019 college year.A passing rating on the AP examination is a 3, 4 or 5. On an IB examination, it is a 4, 5, 6 or 7. br All trainees 7 % Dallas ISD: 34.9% p Statewide: 51% p African American p 3.7 % p Dallas ISD: 18.6% Statewide: 29.2% p American Indian p N/A p Dallas ISD: 47.1% Statewide: 53.5% p Eastern 0 % p Dallas ISD: 62.5% Statewide: 75.1% br p Hispanic p 7.3 % p Dallas ISD: 33.4% p Statewide: 39.2% Pacific Islander N/A p Dallas ISD: 44.4% p Statewide: 48.6% White 40 % Dallas ISD: 67% p Statewide: 64.5% p 2 or even more races Masked Dallas ISD: 47.4% p Statewide: 64.3% SAT The ordinary SAT rating for pupils finishing in 2018-2019, with essential analysis, creating as well as math results combined.The optimum rating is 2400. For the little percent of pupils that took the revamped SAT with an optimal rating of 1600, their ratings were transformed to the equal ratings on the previous SAT making use of University Board concurrence tables. Avg. SAT rating 866 p Dallas ISD: 928 Statewide: 1027 p br ACT h3 The ordinary ACT composite rating for trainees finishing in 2018-2019. The optimal rating is 36. p Avg. ACT rating p 15.1 Dallas ISD: 17.1 p Statewide: 20.6 College-ready grads A grad is taken into consideration university prepared in Checking out or Mathematics if she or he has actually satisfied or surpassed the college-ready requirements on the Texas Success Campaign Evaluation (TSIA) examination, the SAT or the ACT test.These numbers are for trainees finishing in 2018-2019. p Reviewing 26 % p Dallas ISD: 48.2% p Statewide: 60.7% p Mathematics p 16.2 % Dallas ISD: 29.7% Statewide: 48.6% p Reviewing + Mathematics 13.6 % Dallas ISD: 27.6% p Statewide: 44.2% p Reviewing p 26.0% p Mathematics 16.2% p Reviewing + Mathematics br 13.6% Personnel h3 Instructor ethnic backgrounds h3 These numbers are shared as a portion of the complete educator permanent matching (FTE) since the 2019-2020 academic year. Complete instructor FTEs p 85 br African American p 22.1 (25.9%) p Dallas ISD: 33.5% Statewide: 10.8% p American Indian 0 (0%) p Dallas ISD: 0.7% Statewide: 0.3% p br Oriental p 7 (8.2%) p Dallas ISD: 3.2% Statewide: 1.8% Hispanic 12 (14.1%) p Dallas ISD: 31.7% Statewide: 28.1% Pacific Islander p 0 (0%) Dallas ISD: 0.2% Statewide: 0.2% White p 40.9 (48.2%) Dallas ISD: 28.6% Statewide: 57.7% 2 or even more races p 3 (3.5%) Dallas ISD: 2.2% Statewide: 1.1% Highest possible level held by educators These numbers are shared as a percent of the complete instructor permanent matching. br p No level p 5 (5.9%) Dallas ISD: 3.1% p Statewide: 1.3% p Bachelor"s p 59.1 (69.5%) Dallas ISD: 70.7% p Statewide: 73.4% Master"s 20.9 (24.6%) Dallas ISD: 25% p Statewide: 24.5% p Doctorate p 0 (0%) Dallas ISD: 1.3% Statewide: 0.7% Trainees per instructor h3 p The complete variety of trainees separated by the overall full time equal matter of instructors for 2019-2020. p Trainees per instructor 15.8 p Dallas ISD: 15.4 p Statewide: 15.1 Instructor experience h3 This number for the 2019-2020 academic year describes period —-- the variety of years an instructor has actually been utilized in any kind of area, whether there was a disruption in solution. p Avg. educator experience p 9.1 years p Dallas ISD: ten years Statewide: 11.1 years p Educator wages h3 The ordinary wages noted right here are for routine tasks just and also do not consist of additional pay. For instructors that likewise have nonteaching duties, just the section of time as well as pay committed to class duties is factored right into the computation. p