Directed by as well as cinematography by Peter Hyams; composed by Andrew W. Marlowe

Universal Photo, 1999

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollak, CCH Pounder, Pole Steiger, Miriam Margolyes, as well as Udo Kier

Obtained primarily adverse evaluations, with a rating of 11% authorizations on Rotten Tomatoes and also a 33 at Metacritic


Completion is near.

When the thousand years are ended, Satan will hang out of his jail.


Plan for completion of days.

On the eve of the turn of the century an ex-cop torn by loss should reclaim his belief in order to vanquish completion of days.

You will certainly attest throughout of Days… …


1999 showed a banner year for display representations of Satan's lovemaking: very first his connection with Saddam Hussein went under the microscopic lense in South Park: Larger, Longer as well as Uncut, as well as a couple of months later on his look for a lady to calm down with ended up being the basis of this thriller. With the millennium coming close to, a collection of troubling indicators recommends that Satan (below played by Gabriel Byrne) has actually gone back to Planet as well as is strolling the roads of New york city City. It appears that Satan requires to locate a female that will certainly birth his youngster, as the moment for the arrival of the anti-Christ approaches. A female called Christine (Robin Tunney) thinks that she has actually seen the Evil one as well as felt his existence, and also it depends on Jericho Walking Stick (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a previous cop transformed exclusive bodyguard, to maintain her secure from The Dark Lord. End of Days was both guided as well as photographed by Peter Hyams; Kevin Pollak, Renee Olstead, as well as Udo Kier are amongst the sustaining actors. — — Mark Deming,



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Text: "Satan is never ever also hectic for a fast video game of music chairs"Motto 1999, image by Butch Belair

the layer


A confidential benefactor, whom we exuberantly give thanks to, has actually shared these photos of the layer used by Gabriel Byrne in his function as The Male. When she got the post of garments, she found a "day manuscript" and also call sheet in the pocket. In her words:

It's intriguing that the end product had not been precisely such as this manuscript. As well as additionally, if you can review it, on the "Call Sheet", it recommendations stars from Stigmata likewise. Think those Catholic clergyman kinds had some consistent job there for a couple of months while those 2 flicks were being fired virtually at the same time.

Regarding the layer: a good friend of mine saw it on among those motion picture prop websites. They would certainly additionally had his fit, handwear covers, as well as connection, which were all less costly than the layer, yet currently "marketed". I needed to have it. This flick is such beautiful Gabeness, which layer is simply attractive all on it's very own: black cashmere, with a silk cellular lining. (I can virtually feel him in it!) Yes… … yes …. I have actually slid it on a number of times… … It is an Armani …. cashmere soft as paradise! The tag is legible, it signifies "black Armani Top Layer" for "the male". As well as likewise represents that there were 2 tiny slits in the joints where it was opened up for his body mike. I examined the tag within, it's a 42 Long. I was not successful in taking photos of the "bullet openings" in the back.

The Telephone call Sheet and also day manuscript remained in the pocket. When it came in, the man that possesses the prop service stated they located it in the layer. The "G" created on it practically resembles Gabe's very own hand, though I can not claim that for certain.



The Male: Currently you're making me upset. You do not wish to see me upset. Jericho Walking cane : Oh, you believe you misbehave, huh? You're a fucking choir kid contrasted to me! A CHOIR CHILD! The Male : You're in touch with your temper. I appreciate that. Well, I do not learn about you, however I'm mosting likely to have a beverage.

The Male : Where was God? He might have quit it. Rather he fucked you and also made you really feel guilty. Me, I do not do sense of guilt.

The Male : Something excellent occurs,"It's His will. "Something poor takes place, "He relocates mystical means. "


The Male : Allow me inform you something regarding Him. He is the most significant underachiever of perpetuity. He simply has an excellent press agent, that's all.

The Male : Simply inform me what you desire. Jericho Walking cane : I'll inform you what… I desire. I desire you to visit Heck. The Guy : Well, you see, the trouble is … The Guy : … often Heck pertains to YOU!


Jericho Walking stick : They're unreal. The Guy : Would certainly that issue? Jericho Walking stick : Oh, yes. The Male : I assume you require a pointer of exactly how uncomfortable truth can be.

The Male : For a thousand years you have actually awaited my return. Behold, you have actually stopped working. As well as with your passing away breath, you will certainly attest throughout of Days.


Short meeting at the Best: the video clip is not embeddable, so click the web link to view regarding 1 1/2 mins of Gabriel Byrne as well as co-star Robin Tunney, both looking beautiful as well as talking on the Red Rug.

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Roger Ebert

"End of Days"entails a head-on crash in between the ridiculous as well as the silly, in which a superordinary being with the external look of Gabriel Byrne goes after a 20-year-old lady called Christine(Robin Tunney )around Manhattan, while Jericho attempts to safeguard her. This being a doctrinal battle Schwarzenegger design, the fight to conserve Christine entails a scene where a guy hangs from a helicopter while chasing after one more guy throughout a roof, and also a scene in which a personality sticks by his fingertips to a high home window walk, and also a scene in which a runaway metro train takes off, as well as … a scene in which fireballs take in square blocks of Manhattan, as well as a scene in which a person is stabbed with a crucifix, and also …

Janet Maslin/New York Times

Gabriel Byrne, that has a much snappier function, plays Satan with a bad smile as well as a glossy company side("Evil one's Supporter"). In fact, Byrne just plays a financial investment lender that takes place to be surpassed by Satan in the guys's space of a dining establishment. The significance of wickedness, which appears like pulsating plexiglass with perspective ("Killer"), goes into the lender's body with a wonderful program of demonic belongings ("The Exorcist"). As soon as a great person, the lender go back to the dining-room, strolls over to a lady in a low-cut gown as well as merely orders her bust. Then he kisses her, and also she appreciates it. The episode might not claim much regarding Satanism. Yet it does show something regarding the individuals that made this motion picture.


Andrew O'Hehir/ Beauty Salon

Currently I'm perplexed. Can guns injure Satan-- or "The Male," as he's recognized in the credit ratings to "End of Days"-- or otherwise? In some cases the dropped angel (played right here with prodigiously satisfying brio by Gabriel Byrne) can kind of gobble bullets sweet corn; often you fire him in the head and also he comes slobbering as well as stumbling after you with his minds dripping out, like an added from a zombie film. Probably I'm being as well literal-minded, or my understanding of quantum metaphysics is simply as well restricted. Nevertheless, as a sturdy clergyman (Pole Steiger) with several years of experience in fighting the Horned One clarifies to Jericho Walking cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger), "There are pressures at the workplace right here you could not perhaps understand!"

From that factor on, Jericho and also Christine tear via a collection of trickling passages, streets and also extravagantly selected churches, with the well-tailored, bedroom-eyed Byrne stone's throw behind. "End of Days" experiences what scholars of Milton's "Heaven Lost" describe as the Satan trouble: Byrne is such a charming as well as sexy Antichrist (as well as a consummately experienced star) that you ask yourself why Christine invests also 2 mins with the ponderous, mush-mouthed Jericho.

from the DVD food selection


James Berardinelli/Reelviews

The movie includes some attacking bits of discussion that are a cut over the common activity movie one-liners. Once, Jericho enters a good little dig regarding Satan having actually time restrictions put on his sex. As well as the Adversary establishes a situation in which he defines the Scriptures as an "overblown press set." My favored scene is the one in which Miriam Margolyes defeats the heck out of Schwarzenegger-- since's something you do not see each day. When it involves acting, Robin Tunney (The Craft) has to do with on the same level with Schwarzenegger, Kevin Pollak is thrown away as the partner, as well as Pole Steiger has no difficulty encouraging us that he's a clergyman. On the other hand, although Gabriel Byrne does not have as much enjoyable with his intense function as Al Pacino performed in The Adversary's Supporter, he still blinks a great deal of demonic personal appeal. All points taken into consideration, End of Days can be taken pleasure in on a depraved degree if you want to put on hold all reasonable idea for a 2 hr duration (which, incidentally, is also long-- the flick must have appeared leaner as well as meaner). Schwarzenegger followers will possibly delight in, activity fans will not be tired, as well as the Catholic Organization will certainly be upset. Every person else will certainly see End of Days wherefore it is: a pleasantly negative movie.

There is a lengthy checklist of testimonials at IMDB. It is enjoyable to check out this extremely remarkable, really poor movie!


Daddy Kovak claims to Jericho Walking cane that "Satan's biggest technique was persuading guy he really did not exist". This quote from the French poet Charles Baudelaire additionally shows up in The Common Suspects , additionally including Gabriel Byrne and also Kevin Pollak.

Both Kevin Pollak as well as Gabriel Byrne remained in The Normal Suspects as well as End of Days In both flicks there are comparable scenes in which a cigarette is gone down right into a combustible fluid.

Udo Kier declared in a meeting that he was thought about for the duty of Satan in the movie however the manufacturers really did not desire the hero as well as bad guy to both have German/Austrian accents, as well as he was at some point cast in an additional duty.


Star Udo Keir with Gabriel ByrneWe like you, Udo, yet it was truly no competition… …

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Byrne-ing Up: A Stoll Round Manhattan At Night, by Lozzie, that describes why this is a really enjoyable movie in spite of the look of its small celebrity. This is wonderful things, filled with her outstanding screencaps as well as uproarious discourse!

Precious Mr Arnold Scwarzenegger,

You do understand, do not you, that this movie was swiped right of under your nose?

Oh, you might have had above-the-title invoicing. You might have gained even more cash than Croesus for your component in this movie. You might have had the special civil liberties to your face getting on the front cover of the DVD whilst the star that played Satan did not have his name or his picture on any one of the movie posters or the DVD cover … … or anywhere, significantly.

The star that played Satan might not show up in the flick's trailer, also. Just his voice.

However, my dear Mr. Schwarzenegger, this was SO NOT YOUR MOVIE. No person saw you in it! Sorry, old man. Yet everybody was viewing Gabriel Byrne.

Cinema365: End of Days

As is typical with the majority of evil one motion pictures, an only, incomplete hero battles an implacable, impossible adversary with bit greater than his absence of confidence to maintain him. Byrne makes a captivating Satan-- much less outrageous than Al Pacino's Lucifer in Adversary's Supporter Byrne minimizes Satan as a refined, gracious fella-- that instead of fly right into a demonic craze when prompted rather produces terrifyingly unexpected acts of physical violence without much of an adjustment of expression.

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ARNIE, bring EVERY WEAPON IN NEW YORK CITY, has actually snuck up on GABRIEL BYRNE equally as he will make love with the TOKEN BRIDE-TO-BE.


I will not have to deal with his remarkable performing as well as perhaps I'll have a dealing with opportunity if I can simply ruin Gabriel Byrne.

He FIRES GABRIEL BYRNE right into a lot spunk, that recomposes himself as well as strikes once more, just to be blown right into even more crap. The cycle repeats.


Look! It's Terminator 2!


Congratulations to Lozzie for her expressive as well as stunning screencaps. A huge many thanks to Daniela for the best video, DeMonk and also Daniela for screenies as well as coupon shots, and also Ramona as well as Aragarna for their excellent wallpapers. As well as a really unique many thanks to our confidential contributor for the extremely unique present of Armani!