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The globe, according to one commonly disproved concept, is slated to upright Dec. 21. Worldwide the paranoid prepare themselves for End ofthe world, a day they think is forecasted in an old Mayan prophesy. There"s simply one trouble: no person appears to understand at simply what time we"re all meant to fulfill our intense end. ABC Information is signing in around the globe, as the clock resorts to twelve o'clock at night on Dec. 21, to figure out if the globe has actually finished - thus far, so atlanticalover.comod.


Mexico City, Mexico(twelve o'clock at night 1:00 a.m. ET; GMT -6): "Every little thing is extremely typical," claimed Andrea, a worker at the JW Marriott. Andrea, that decreased to provide her surname, claimed the resort visitors are all secure. The globe there has not ended.New York, UNITED STATE(

twelve o'clock at night; 12:00 a.m. ET; GMT -5): From the ABC Information newsroom in New york city City, we can validate the globe right here has not ended.London, U.K.(

twelve o'clock at night; 7 p.m. ET; GMT +0): ABC Information" Jeffrey Kofman records: It did really feel a little bit like completion of the globe right here in London today. The rainfall was so hefty, the clouds so dark, the winter months cool so permeating that had Noah"s Ark cruised past I may have ridden. Yet all this has even more to do with the moment of the year than all the hyperventilating regarding the Mayan schedule. ... Concern not, The United States And Canada. There is no requirement to hurry to your end ofthe world shelters. On this side of the Atlantic, the globe is still transforming. By the time the Mayan schedule goes out where you are, it looks you"ll be okay, too.Bugarach, France(

twelve o'clock at night; 6:00 p.m. ET; GMT +1): "Armageddon? Non!" claimed a frustrated local of this little French hill community in the Pyrenees. International reporters alone increased the populace of the community reported to be among minority locations that would certainly have been saved destruction had the globe finished. The globe there has actually not finished.


Individuals collect at sundown in Bugarach, France a tiny town in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The hill community is reported to be an area of defense ought to End ofthe world come.

Moscow, Russia (2:00 a.m; 5:00 p.m. ET; GMT +4) UPDATE: ABC"s Kirit Radia records: "revelers are commemorating at a high-end "End of the Globe Event" in a below ground Soviet shelter in Moscow for an opportunity to dance right into the armageddon. Up until now it appears like they"ll awaken on Friday, albeit maybe with at hanatlanticalover.comver that seems like brimstone as well as fire. Yet all is not shed. Coordinators intend to provide every person a half reimbursement if the Mayans atlanticalover.comt it incorrect." The globe there still has actually not finished.

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Moscow, Russia (twelve o'clock at night; 3:00 p.m. ET; GMT +4): "Whatever in Russia is O.K. Perhaps some individuals were stressed, yet no one appears anxious any longer," claimed Nikolai Yeriomin at the Sheraton Royal Residence Resort. A current study located that 9 percent of Russians thought the globe would certainly upright Dec. 21, triggering Head of state Vladimir Putin to relax his individuals"s nerves and also inform them they would certainly be great for an additional 4.5 billion years. The globe there has not ended.Calcutta, India

(twelve o'clock at night; 1:30 p.m. ET; GMT +5:30): "We are all right. Thanks for asking," stated Sis Mary of Mommy Teresa"s Missionaries of Charity. The globe there has actually not finished.

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Phuket, Thailand (twelve o'clock at night; 12 p.m. ET; GMT + 7): "Every little thing is typical. The resort is open as well as individuals are having a atlanticalover.comod time," reported a laughing Lek Kalymunag, from the Hilton Phuket Hotel as well as Medical Spa. The globe there has actually not finished.

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Shanghai, China (twelve o'clock at night; 11 a.m. ET; GMT +8): "Whatever is alright. Yes. No, troubles," claimed a still living customer support driver at the Financial institution of Shanghai. The globe there has not ended.Tokyo, Japan

( twelve o'clock at night; 10 a.m. ET; GMT +9): "Yes, individuals are playing ping-pong," stated a male determining himself as Hiyashi at Lesiure Land Pallette Community, a 24-hour video clip game and also bowling lane. The globe there has actually not finished.

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Sydney, Australia (twelve o'clock at night; 9 a. m. ET; GMT +10): "We"re still kicking, we"re still tossing beers," Ellie Spicer, a supervisor at 3 Wise Monkeys Bar informs ABC Information. The globe there has not ended.Auckland, New Zealand(twelve o'clock at night; 7 a.m. ET; GMT +12 ): The globe there has actually not finished.