This overview will certainly assist you finish the League of Steel Mission: Spoils of Battle. Acquiring this mission indicates that you are more than likely dedicated to the League of Steel and also their reason. Nonetheless, this pursuit gives one last possibility to relinquish your commitment to the League if you have had a change of mind.

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Finishing this pursuit significantly affects the story as well as will certainly specify the occasions that unravel from below on out. Proceed to comply with along with our overview listed below if you are prepared to tackle this crucial mission.

Exactly how to Full the Spoils of Battle Pursuit

Speak With Proctor Ingram

Head over to Boston Flight terminal as well as talk to Proctor Ingram. The absence of a sufficient source of power has actually created her development with Freedom Prime to find to a stop. She requires a tool called a Beryllium Agitator, which can be discovered within the Mass Combination structure situated in Boston’& rsquo; s Financial Area.

After you consent to aid Proctor Ingram discover the tool, she points out that she prepares ahead with you. Determine whether you desire Proctor Ingram to accompany, and after that head outdoors to the trip deck where a Vertibird is waiting on standby.

Keep in mind : The Mass Combination structure presents different dangers to your wellness, consisting of irradiated spaces, protective robotics, and also greatly armed Synths. It’& rsquo; s a great concept to bring along numerous sorts of recovery products, such as RadAway, Rad-X, Stimpacks, as well as radiation-free food. Think about outfitting one of these as well if you have either a Hazmat match or Power Shield offered.

Fly to Mass Blend OR Educate the Institute

Proctor Ingram has actually scheduled a Vertibird to drop you off on the roof of the Mass Combination structure. She will certainly join you on the gunship if you concurred to have Proctor Ingram come along for the flight. Prior to you get in the Vertibird, you will certainly have one last possibility to change your commitment to the Institute. The options are as complies with:

Board the Vertibird as well as fly to Mass Blend. This makes you a long-term opponent of the Institute. You stay dedicated to the League of Steel, as well as will certainly remain to finish this mission as well as various other intrigue purposes to help the League"s create. Numerous Institute missions will immediately stop working, and also the Institute Pursuit: Gotten Rid Of from the Institute will certainly start. Don’& rsquo; t Board the Vertibird. Rather, leave the location as well as make a journey to the Institute. Educate them of the League’& rsquo; s strategies, as well as strengthen your newly found commitment to the Institute intrigue. This will certainly start the Institute Mission: Mass Blend.

Proceed to comply with along with this overview to finish the staying actions in the Spoils of Battle mission if you have actually chosen to stick with the League of Steel.

Dive to Mass Combination’& rsquo; s Roof covering


Take control of the minigun turret as well as prepare to open up fire on a handful of Synths as the Vertibird comes close to the roof of Mass Combination. As the Vertibird floats over the roof, get off from the gunship as well as fall onto the roofing system. Keep an eye out for a Legendary Synth Patroller that might sign up with the battle too.

Find the Beryllium Agitator

Continue right into the Mass Blend structure, getting rid of the aggressive Synths you come across along the road. Increase the stairs to the 2nd degree, and also situate the Exec Research study Laboratory incurable in among the spaces.

Obtain the Exec Secret Card

To access this Advanced degree laboratory terminal, you have to initially discover the password. Simply beyond this space, seek a workdesk before a Mass Combination indication. Inside the workdesk there is a Mass Blend Exec ID card, as well as the laboratory password required to access the terminal.


Check out each of the individual intramails on the incurable to find that the Beryllium Agitator is located in the cellar. Considering you got in from the roof, you have fairly a lengthy method to precede you get to the lower degree.

Continue to the Activator Degree

Optional: Recover Power to the Lift

The lift looks like the very best choice to get to the cellar degree. Make Use Of the Exec Trick Card that you discovered on the workdesk as well as swipe it in the lift’& rsquo; s ID card visitor. Decreasing!

Take a good lengthy journey down on the lift, and also prepare to terminate a couple of chance ats adversary Synths as you go by each flooring. Along the road, your lift trip will certainly be disrupted by a significant surge, knocking senseless the lift’& rsquo; s power. Prepare to eliminate off a variety of Synths that merge on your setting. To bring back power to the lift, you can either direct to the breaker, or hack the Professional degree Supervisor’& rsquo; s incurable discovered in an area simply past the lift.


Bring back power to the lift is optional, however doing so can significantly streamline your expedition to the cellar. To situate the breaker, head with the entrance northwest of the lift and also proceed via the doors up until you get to an area on the 2nd degree consisting of the breaker box. Turn on the breaker, then jump back in the lift to proceed your descent. Hacking the Supervisor"s incurable in the space west of the lift will certainly likewise work.

An additional alternative is to grab the Mass Blend Labs trick off the workdesk simply close to the Supervisor"s incurable, as well as utilize it to open the nearby area. Fall the opening in the flooring, and also make your method down towards the primary entrance hall walking.

Go Into the Activator Chamber

Prepare to get in the Activator Chamber when you get to the most affordable degree. The chamber will certainly reveal you to a large quantity of radiation, so with any luck you came ready. Otherwise, Proctor Ingram will certainly provide you some Rad-X. Nevertheless, if you chose to leave Proctor Ingram behind, then you will certainly need to simply browse the location for products to aid reduce the radiation poisoning before getting in the chamber.


Go into the southwest corridor and also press the switch to turn on the Mass Blend Data Processor. Enter the purification location and also await the series to run its program. Currently, get in the Activator Chamber, and also relocate along the pathway to arrive of the activator.

Open the Activator

Prior to pushing the Interlock Launch, make note of a set of laser turrets simply over the activator along the top edges of the wall surface. When you take the tool, these laser turrets will certainly contend you, so prepare to take them out. When prepared, come close to the activator as well as press the Interlock Launch.

Take the Beryllium Agitator

As soon as the activator is opened, get rid of the Beryllium Agitator that you came for, and also prepare yourself to screw out of the location. Leave with similarly you went into, launching the purification series one more time to open the door.


Get Rid Of Activator Degree Safety

Taking the Agitator creates the center’& rsquo; s automated defenses to trigger. Prepare to assassinate a Sentry Crawler as well as Protectron as you go into the following space. Currently is a great time to make use of a Fat Guy or one more hefty tool you have helpful to promptly remove the robotic dangers.

Utilize the Exec ID card to open up the major door, as well as prepare to eliminate off a set of Assaultrons. Beat the protective crawlers, and also make your method up the stairways. Keep an eye out for laser turrets as well as an additional Protectron in the process.

Leave Mass Combination

Optional: Help League pressures in the Entrance hall

Proceed up the stairways till you get to a lift noted with a Departure indicator. Trip the lift to the primary entrance hall, where you will certainly locate one more wave of Synths assaulting the League supports. You can head right for the departure, or remain behind to assist eliminate the Synths if you want.

Go Back To Boston Flight Terminal, Speak To Proctor Ingram

After leaving the Mass Blend structure, utilize your Pip-boy to quick traveling back to the Boston Airport Terminal, where Proctor Ingram will certainly be awaiting you. As soon as even more to end this mission, conversation with her.