There are a lot of weapons gamers can discover, craft, and also take in After effects 76 The Results 76 50 Cal Gatling Gun is a strong option if you seek an effective, well-rounded hefty gatling gun, nevertheless. Equally as in our After effects 76 Handmade Rifle overview, we'll inform you the precise After effects 76 50 Cal Gatling gun strategy place , what it is, its statistics, and also a lot more.

What is the After effects 76 50 Cal Gatling Gun?


As we clarified above, the 50 Cal Gatling Gun in After effects 76 is a hefty gatling gun efficient in dispensing a reasonable quantity of discomfort. It has respectable precision and also variety, also. There are a variety of mods you can conveniently affix to the weapon, also, which will certainly make it also much better. Regrettably, nonetheless, you need to go to the very least degree 25 prior to you can craft as well as furnish a 50 Cal Gatling Gun in Results 76

Results 76 50 Cal Gatling Gun Strategy Locations

You likely will not discover a 50 Cal Gatling Gun in Results 76 up until you get to degree 25. As it ends up, nonetheless, there are a couple of areas in which you can locate the weapon's strategy. Attempt refilling right into a various web server and also attempting once more if the strategy (or the weapon itself) isn't there. You need to locate the weapon or its strategy quickly.

Listed below, you'll locate a listing of all the well-known places of the 50 Cal Gatling gun strategy:

Deserted Bog Community: You need to discover a strategy in the rear of a vehicle put on the highway in the community Hemlock Holes: Head to Hemlock Holes, most likely to the south of the White Storage Facility (which is near to a downed Vertibird) as well as try to find a vehicle that has actually been damaged. You must discover a strategy in the rear of stated vehicle Raider Supplier Bots: The Raider Supplier Bots in Pleasant Valley Terminal and also Welch Terminal will certainly market both the weapon and also its strategy Scorchbeasts: Random goes down Watoga Shopping Center: The Supplier Robot at the Watoga Shopping center will certainly offer the strategy

With every one of these places, nonetheless, it deserves keeping in mind that you will certainly require to craft the 50 Cal Gatling Gun with the strategy. To do this you'll require to be level 25, with your Gunsmith degree at degree 4. You'll require 10 Equipment, 7 Oil, 10 Rubber, 17 Screw, 11 Springtime, 25 steel, as well as 7 timber to craft the 50 Cal Gatling Gun at a Defense Workbench.

After effects 76 50 Cal Gatling Gun Statistics-- Just How Great is the 50 Cal Gatling Gun?

For a weapon that needs you to be level 25 prior to you can possess it, the 50 Cal Gatling gun statistics much better be excellent. Luckily, that's simply what the weapon's statistics are.

The complete listing of 50 Cal Gatling Gun Statistics is as adheres to:

Precision: 47 Ammunition: .50 Round/ 250 ammunition capability per publication Damages: 20/ 182 damages per 2nd Fire Price: 91 Array: 204 Worth: 170 Caps Weight: 18

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