Stuck on "still at night" freequest objective ...

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So durring the Still At night mission at Hidden Valley I"m asked to separate as well as discover 3 infection contaminated computer systems in an area packed with terminals.I attempted it concerning 30 times as well as can"t obtain it to function, so I viewed an individual on you-tube do a little walkthrough as well as when he did it a computer system would certainly claim: "isolate infection" ... he"d click that, then take place to locate 2 even more prior to the moment went out ... appears simple, other than that when I attempt it my computer systems state: "inspect dividers" and also "dividers verified"I currently have 3 terminals that state this also when not proactively doing the infection difficulty. When I do the difficulty I can turn on these 3 "segmented" terminals prior to the moment goes out, however absolutely nothing takes place. As well as all the various other terminals are simply jibberish as well as never ever have any kind of "isolate infection" alternatives !!!!! THIS svckS!!!! Has this took place to any person else? ... and also exists anything I can do concerning it?Please inform me this is not simply one more of the various goal obstructing problems in this video game, due to the fact that I have sufficient of those currently! ... * sigh *
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This took place no my very first playthrough. I make sure that it is a pest, however it is still not fixed.My 2nd playthrough, every little thing functioned penalty. As a matter of fact, you wear"t also require to separate all 3 on one effort. Simply maintain doing it up until all 3 are isolated.Why it didn"t benefit you (or for me the very first time?). If you obtain success on a succeeding lots initiative, I am not certain ... you might attempt to refill an earlier save as well as see. Assuming actually difficult regarding this, I appear to keep in mind that I didn"t have the scientific research ability to recommend the dividing alternative, so I check out an ability publication. Then I did a few other things and afterwards tried the dividing ... yet already, the publication increase had actually gone out. Possibly, the "pest" is connected to this? That is, despite the fact that my scientific research was enhanced to make the recommendation, it then lowered by the moment I really tried it. On my 2nd playthrough, my scientific research ability was high sufficient throughout the entire episode and also I had no problems.Just an idea ... what was your scenario?
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My permenant scientific research ability mores than 85, so I put on"t assume thats the problem.What is an issue is that I began that difficulty as well as when I couldn"t number it out, I left covert Valley to do various other things, figuring I"d have the ability to return and also finish it later on. So the save I have prior to the initial effort is as well much back for me to intend to refill ... this appears to take place A whole lot in this video game! One little problem as well as you"re screwed unless you"re happy to "re-do" numerous hrs well worth of video game play simply have a possibility of obtaining something to function. ... frustrating.Thanks though for making the effort to react to my inquiry though!

In the plan of points, it just provents you from aiding Hardin take control of ... you still have the Mcnamara course available to you.
It constantly benefited me. The technique is the realisaion of a time frame. You should separate the 3 or 4 computer systems prior to the infection leaps back. So if you can inspect all the terminals prior to the infection leaps back, you"ll discover the computer systems that will certainly enable you to separate the infection.
It constantly helped me. The method is the realisaion of a time frame. You have to separate the 3 or 4 computer systems prior to the infection leaps back. So if you can examine all the terminals prior to the infection leaps back, you"ll discover the computer systems that will certainly permit you to separate the infection.
Yeah, that doesn"t appear to be operating in my video game. 3 of the terminals are permenantly designated as "dividers validated" et cetera are all jibberish. Despite the amount of I examine within the moment limitation.