With definitely no understanding of an anything before After effects 3, I created this odd concept a few days ago that Safe Tec launched the battle in order to research their Safe residents. My understanding is that they lobbied leading United States authorities that were the forefathers of the present Territory. Suppose they began the battle with the guarantee that the Territory could reconstruct the USA in its very own photo, as well as Safe Tec is burrowed in a Safe someplace checking their different experiments? No Chinese risk; no resistance from various other political leaders. If its totally horrendous yet please describe the tradition that makes the concept incorrect, Territory rules the United States and also Safe Tec does its studies.Downvote this. According to the manuscript of the After effects movie, neither China, India, neither North Korea
released the initial bomb. It remained in reality Vault-Tec & #x 27; s exec of the safes. He released the initial bomb to accomplish his very own prediction of nuclear annihilation.Source yet because the film obtained terminated its not validated canon If the flick was made it wouldn & #x 27; t be a factor to be it canon for the video games, also. It doesn & #x 27; t issue anyhow that began the nukes or the battle as constantly since ... Battle, battle never ever changes.Honestly? It doesn & #x 27; t make a great deal of feeling for them to have actually done that. Yes, it & #x 27; s real as well as all of us ideally understand now that Safe Tec was a ridiculously

crazed as well as corrupt firm that conspired with the corrupt and also fascist United States federal government of the Results cosmos to develop the Safe experiments. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Safe Tec was generally wicked and also terrible in a great deal of facets, you can & #x 27; t consider them as unreasonably power starving. Think of it, they & #x 27; re a pre-war business structure progressed after effects sanctuaries for the federal government. Safe Tec was making money by the United States to construct these points, and also they then took place to bill individuals for a place in these Safes. Safe Tec was most likely making a ridiculous quantity of cash, providing a great deal of power in the pre-war globe, so why danger it by beginning the Great Battle? There & #x 27; s no warranty Safe Tec workers would certainly also endure the battle, no warranty the Territory might confiscate power(which they never ever have ), as well as in no chance would certainly they make money from it. Safe Tec was corrupt, however my wager is they just respected the cash they obtained from the Safes and also are afraid mongering. If they were utilized, they #x & didn 27; t treatment. The Safes were never ever indicated to conserve anyone.Also, to various other people in this string, I & #x 27;d like to mention the signs on'those nukes aren & #x 27; t similar to the Safe Tec logo design.

They & #x 27; re comparable in a great deal of means, however not specific whatsoever. Likely they #x & aren 27; t Safe Tec bombs.