The Discussion That Still Raves: The Supra vs Battery Charger Race

In the race at the end of the initial film, there was a whole lot taking place behind the scenes. To comprehend that won the Supra vs Battery charger race, we need to establish the phase so you recognize everything.

For beginners, both automobiles never ever REALLY COMPETED. You do not have time or the disposition to place at danger properties that are critical to the production of the movie when you're making a $40 million buck film. No accountable team participant would certainly do this as well as if he did, he would certainly run out a work right fast.

Second, you need to bear in mind that both stars really did not in fact do the driving-- feat motorists did.

Third, you need to recognize that the vehicles as you saw them because scene were NOT geared up as you may assume.

Both autos we saw in the huge drag race were feat cars and trucks.

Therefore, every one of the feat Supras were NON-Turbo, transmission cars and trucks. Supply, they made 220hp. The Battery charger, which was additionally a feat automobile had a Chevy 350. Due to the fact that photo vehicle teams typically have a lot of these laying around their stores, Chevy 350 electric motors are usually exchanged right into feat automobiles. If it falls short on-set, the commonness as well as schedule of components makes it simple to run down to Pep Boys for a brand-new starter or generator. It's an usual method as well as it has actually been provided for years.

In a race in between these 2 feat autos , the Battery charger feat auto would certainly have defeat the Supra feat cars and truck, yet no person appreciates that.

Hero Auto vs. Hero Cars And Truck

The conversation then should look to contrasting both Hero vehicles. If you do not recognize what a "Hero" automobile is, you're regardless late to this conversation or simply have not done much research study. THIS web link will certainly address that concern.

Simply put, a Hero automobile is a cars and truck that the star will certainly drive. It is normally the best, cleanest as well as most full cars and truck we make use of. It's typically made use of when the star brings up to an area on video camera, or for close as well as also for indoor shots.

In the very first film, we had 2 Hero automobiles-- marked "Hero 1" and also "Hero 2." We had 2 Hero automobiles for every primary personality which were made use of when the main Hero was being shot in one more place on the exact same day, or when the Hero 1 cars and truck remained in the buy touch-ups or fixings. The Hero 2 Supra hwas outfitted with the NON-turbo 2JZ and also a transmission.

For the Chargers, we additionally had 2 Hero autos, plus feat autos.


Most of us bear in mind the very first time we saw the Battery charger-- Dom relapses the garage door, and also there is this black appeal with a large electric motor protruding of the hood. As we obtained better, all of us saw the huge Hemi electric motor with the shinky BDS blower.

What you do not understand is that it was fabricated-- the Battery charger cars and truck never ever had that electric motor. It was a loaner electric motor, obtained from sourced from Chuck Taylor's Competing Engine. (Chuck died in very early 2019 and also his internet site is currently down). The electric motor was either a 426 hemi or 572 Hemi (there are clashing records-- David Marder's publication," It Takes Greater than a Donut To Make a Motion picture , pg 240 & 241 states it's a 462 cubic inch electric motor, yet I believe that he simply compared the numbers in his head-- I assume he indicated it's a 426). In any case, such an electric motor with a blower and also the ideal gas might quickly sustain 900hp. So, for the functions of this conversation, allow's make believe the Battery charger being competed had a 900hp Hemi.

For the Hero Supra (my individual auto), we understand that auto made 560hp WITHOUT the nitrous.

My Supra was a six-speed, the Battery charger was an automated. The video clip listed below, at the 1; 38 mark, proves that the automobile was an automated (no clutch pedal however rather, a large, fat, vast brake pedal as located on automated Dodge Chargers. For those that STILL wish to say whether the automobile was an automated-- I existed. It was an automated.


The visual weight of a 1969 Dodge Battery Charger (they were certainly 1969s, yet we made some tweaks to make them resemble the 1970 designs and also therefore, every one of the media kept up the 1970 classification verifying yet once more why you must not think the bullshit composed online) is 3920 pounds with a 426 Hemi (resource: Get possibly 100 pounds for the inside however include it back in for the roll cage, plus include the weight of a supercharger as well as we'll call it 4,000 pounds.

My Supra had a visual weight of 3417 extra pounds. Include an additional 150 extra pounds for the stereo, 2nd battery, roll cage, much heavier 19″ ″ wheels and also you obtain 3567 pounds.



The Supra had coil overs and also guide bars, both of which are developed to walk around edges. This sort of suspension is NOT created to move weight from the front to the back while drag auto racing.

The Battery charger had a drag auto racing suspension. It's single objective is to move the weight from the front to the back to help in grip for the laucnh.


So That Won?

As I have actually claimed previously, when contrasting the Hero Battery charger ( and also claiming it had the 900 hp electric motor in it vs. my 569 hp Supra ( despite having a 150hp shot of nitrous it would certainly have been no competition-- the Battery charger would certainly have defeated my Supra comfortably, most likely by greater than 5 cars and truck sizes. Sticky tires and also correct drag suspension triumphes every single time.

Back in the very early 2000s, I was Exec Supervisor of NIRA-- the National Import Competing Organization. Weekly, around the United States, I saw lots as well as loads of Supras perform at the strip. Several were making huge horse power-- 600, 800 or even more. Presume what? Since they were on road tires, they were all running 1/4 mile times in the 13s or 12s-- very same as virtually supply Supras--. Road tires are not constructed for drag auto racing. Today, there are hybrid tires (also known as DOT slicks, R888s, and so on) that are much better, however at that time, a lot of Supra individuals were running 18″ ″ or 19 ″ wheel configurations with reduced account UHP tires.

My factor is that specialized road autos will certainly constantly go to a negative aspect in a drag race versus a specialized drag race vehicle.