div embed iframe div Governmental inaugural events are probably one of the most commonly understood of the countless events held at the united state Capitol. The Engineer of the Capitol (atlanticalover.com) sets up the inaugural system on the Capitol"s West Front, establishes the needed seats as well as fence on the premises, as well as works with various other tasks with the Joint Congressional Board on the First Ceremonies (JCCIC) pertaining to every one of the physical setups that are essential to fit this occasion. p The 20th modification to the Constitution defines that the regard to each chosen Head of state of the USA starts at midday on January 20 of the year complying with the political election. Each head of state has to take the vow of workplace prior to presuming the obligations of the placement. p With the 2021 launch of Joseph R. Biden Jr., the vow has actually been taken 73 various times by the 46 Head of states of the USA. This mathematical inconsistency results primarily from 2 aspects: a head of state should take the vow at the start of each term of workplace, as well as, since Commencement Day has actually occasionally dropped on a Sunday, 4 Head of states (Hayes , Wilson , Eisenhower 1957, as well as Reagan have actually taken the vow independently prior to the general public inaugural events. Furthermore, Head of state Arthur took the vow independently complying with the fatality of Head of state Garfield and also once more 2 days later on in the Capitol. Grover Cleveland is thought about the 24th and also 22nd head of states, having actually offered 2 nonconsecutive terms (1885-1889 and also 1893-1897). p The vows provided to day have actually been happened in the adhering to places: solid p United State Capitol (55 celebrations)East Veranda-- 34Hall of your house of Reps-- 6Senate Chamber-- 3West Front-- 9East Front of Original Us Senate Wing-- 1President"s Room-- 1Rotunda-- 1Vice Head of state"s Room-- 1White Home-- 6Old Block Capitol (first & A Sts., N.E.; website of existing High court Structure)-- 1Washington, D.C. (not in Capitol or White Home)-- 2Outside Washington, D.C.-- 7 Secret Historical Days and also Information h2 Governmental Debuts Check Out Vice Presidential Inaugurations below. em p h3 2000s Day Head of state solid Notes tr January 20, 2021 td Joseph R. Biden Jr. td tr January 20, 2017 td Donald J. Trump td tr January 21, 2013 td Barack Obama td tr January 20, 2009 Barack Obama td January 20, 2005 td George W. Shrub td tr January 20, 2001 td George W. Shrub td Very first time that a previous head of state (George H.W. Shrub)attended their boy"s commencement as head of state. td tr div style="text-align: center" atlanticalover.com div Day solid Head of state Notes tr January 20, 1997 td William J. Clinton td Very first time that the event was transmitted reside on the Internet.First inaugural that dropped on the Martin Luther King Jr. vacation. td January 20, 1993 td William J. Clinton td January 20, 1989 George H.W. Shrub td January 20, 1985 & January 21, 1985 td Ronald Reagan td Very first time that the vow was absorbed the Rotunda.First inaugural that dropped on a Super Dish Sunday.The Scriptures was put on a marble-topped table that was constructed for the 2nd inaugural of Abraham Lincoln. The table was built with an iron baluster actors for the Capitol dome in the 1860"s.First time a tv cam was positioned inside the head of state"s limo from the Capitol to the White Home. tr January 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan Exterior band show was hung on the West Front yard on the day prior to the inaugural.First inaugural hung on the West Balcony of the Capitol.First time that area EF-100 was made use of as a holding room.First closed-captioning of transmission for the hearing impaired.First post-inaugural lunch kept in Sculpture Hall.Post-inaugural lunch was partly televised.Nine inaugural spheres were held.First time that an inaugural round was kept in a legal structure(Rayburn Home Office Complex ). Rounds were transferred by satellite to 32 ballroom websites throughout the nation. tr January 20, 1977 Jimmy Carter td Collapsible chairs rather than wood benches were utilized on the East Plaza.Used an old family members Holy bible; 2nd Holy bible on lectern had actually been utilized at commencement of George Washington.At Carter"s demand, the typical inaugural lunch was not held.First head of state to stroll right from the Capitol to the White Home with their household after ceremony.First time that an outbound Head of state left from the Capitol Premises aboard a helicopter.Solar warmth was utilized in the evaluating stand.Provisions were created the handicapped to view the ceremony. td August 4, 1974 Gerald R. Ford td Very first unelected vice head of state to think the presidency.First vice head of state to think the presidency under the stipulations of the 25th Modification to the Constitution, which defines that, upon the resignation of the head of state, the vice head of state will end up being head of state. tr January 20, 1973 Richard M. Nixon td tr January 20, 1969 td Richard M. Nixon Just individuals with unique invites to the event were confessed to the Capitol Grounds.Two Scriptures were made use of in the commencement; they were household treasures, dated 1928 as well as 1873. td January 20, 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson td Very first time that a press gallery was set up on the Capitol Grounds.First use a bullet-proofed, shut limo. td tr November 22, 1963 td Lyndon B. Johnson td Very first time that the vow was carried out in an aircraft (Flying force One, a Boeing 707, at Love Area in Dallas, Texas). Very first time that the vow was carried out by a lady, Sarah T. Hughes, United State Area Court of the Northern Area of Texas. td January 20, 1961 td John F. Kennedy td Very first head of state to be ushered in on the expanded East Front.First time that an Audio speaker of your home provided the vow of workplace to the vice head of state. (Formerly the vow had actually been provided by either the Head of state pro tempore of the Us senate, the ex-Vice Head of state, or an USA Legislator.)Very first time a poet, Robert Frost, took part in the main events at the Capitol. (See main program.)Very first time that both moms and dads of the president-elect attended their kid"s inauguration.As the initial Catholic chosen head of state, Kennedy was the very first to make use of a Catholic (Douay) variation of the Scriptures for their oath.First inaugural ceremony for which Military fire throwers were made use of to clear snow from Pennsylvania Avenue.First look of the Air Pressure Academy Band in the parade.First time that the ceremony was aired in shade (NBC). First launch commemorated with 5 balls.Last head of state to put on standard stovepipe hat to the launch. td tr January 20, 1957 & January 21, 1957 Dwight D. Eisenhower td Very first time that a head of state was ushered in for a term restricted by the Constitution (22nd Modification). Very first governmental lunch, kept in the Old High Court Chamber (S-228) in the Capitol. td tr td January 20, 1953 td Dwight D. Eisenhower Braked with customized by stating their very own improvisated petition rather than kissing the Bible.A governmental choice made homburgs an inaugural must, displacing conventional black mattress toppers. td tr January 20, 1949 td Harry S. Truman td First commencement to be aired. tr April 12, 1945 td Harry S. Truman td tr January 20, 1945 td Franklin D. Roosevelt First and also only time a head of state was ushered in for a 4th term. (The 22nd Modification to the Constitution, validated in 1951, limits the presidency to 2 terms.) td tr td January 20, 1941 td Franklin D. Roosevelt td Initial head of state to take the vow of workplace for a 3rd term. td January 20, 1937 td Franklin D. Roosevelt Initial head of state to be ushered in on the January 20th day, an adjustment made by the 20th Modification to the Constitution.First time the vice president-elect was ushered in out-of-doors on the very same system with the president-elect. No vice-presidential address was offered. td March 4, 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt March 4, 1929 td Herbert Hoover First inaugural to be taped by a chatting newsreel. March 4, 1925 Calvin Coolidge td Very first time an ex-president (William Taft) provided the vow of workplace as Principal Justice.First inaugural to be transmitted across the country by radio. tr August 3, 1923 td Calvin Coolidge td Vow of workplace offered by the head of state"s papa, a Vermont Justice of the Tranquility. td March 4, 1921 td Warren G. Harding td Initial head of state to ride to and also from their inaugural in an automobile.First use speakers at an inaugural.First use the steel-framed inaugural stand that was utilized up until 1981. tr td March 4, 1917 & March 5, 1917 Woodrow Wilson Broke the criterion by taking the vow on a Sunday.First time that the vow has actually been taken independently in the Head of state"s Room at the Capitol.First time that floodlights (instead of short-term searchlights) were utilized to brighten the Capitol dome throughout an inaugural.First time that females took part in the inaugural ceremony. tr March 4, 1913 td Woodrow Wilson td The conventional inaugural sphere was put on hold. td tr March 4, 1909 td William H. Taft Very first time that a head of state"s other half rode with her other half in the procession from the Capitol to the White House.First use a car in an inaugural ceremony (Head of state Taft was not a resident). Very first time that the dome was brightened; short-lived searchlights were made use of. March 4, 1905 td Theodore Roosevelt td Very first time that telephones were mounted on the Capitol Premises for an inaugural. September 14, 1901 td Theodore Roosevelt td tr March 4, 1901 td William McKinley td Very first time that your home of Rep was enabled to accompany the Us senate in making setups for the inaugural. tr table