AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, I ULTIMATELY ENDED UP THEM!! OWO I"m so satisfied!!! qwqLol, I say sorry trigger this possibly took longer than it required to be. XD Yet I obtained breast working with various other points. (mainly institution; w; )I"m so pleased that I completed them however. Likewise, a little bit of a note! I"ll be doing the guards in a different message. I kinda seemed like points would certainly"ve been way as well crowded if I included them in this as well.I assume Self-destruction Computer mouse and also The Face are my faves out of them all though!! Inform me, which one is your fave? QwQAlright, currently on the characters! XD|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Characters(these may be modified or transformed in the future, yet this is what I have for now)Initial RowImage Adverse Mickey|He can in some cases come off as a little arrogant, however actually he does take care of the others like buddies. He monitors them and also is considered the leader of them all. He does incline what they do however, as long as it is excusable of an option. When he is alone though he often seems like he might be a much better leader for them, he desires that he might simply be approved, yet no person would truly such as an Image Unfavorable Mickey, every person constantly favors the initial over him. As a result of this he gradually begins to really feel poor for Jake and also consequently attempts to obtain closer to him.Oswald|A person that does not actually appreciate what occurs around them. Oswald is somebody really nonreactive and also he does not truly reveal any kind of feeling, unless he obtains unfortunate thinking of where he has actually wound up. He has no arms, yet his headscarf that he uses functions as his hands as well as aids him by choosing points up. It is unusual, yet he"s obtained utilized to it. He despises it when individuals assume they have it harsh, when in truth him as well as his buddies have the most awful life feasible, so he dislikes it when others are hoggish and also put on"t comprehend what they"ve been through.Donald/ Incorporeal|He is generally extremely delighted, and also likes to produce as much sound as feasible! He is energised, as well as he"ll in some cases like to simply move the area screaming as loud as feasible( which the others discover bothersome). His head can be eliminated at any kind of offer time, as well as he does it whenever the evening guard is functioning(to terrify them), or if he obtains incredibly bored. He does not truly mind his predicament.Suicide Computer mouse|He is total and also extremely edgy among the kinder one"s. He does not want to strike and also eliminate Jake, as well as often he really feels guilty due to the fact that he recognizes what absolutely occurred to Jake"s close friend, Henry. Yet he does not inform him. He attempts to inform the others that assaulting him is incorrect, yet he is bad at defending himself (they kinda simply press him about, other than The Face ). He puts on a damaged noose around his neck in all times, nearly like it"s a locket of sorts.The Face|He does not speak a lot, as a matter of fact the others are not sure if he can speak or otherwise (actually he can, however he does not see it essential to inform them). He does not have legs, therefore he creeps around all over, although he does incline this either. He locates it much better and also there "s a much better possibility of slipping about, which he appears to be great at. He is somebody that on the whole does not obtain really upset, actually, in spite of exactly how he looks, he does not truly suggest damage, or anything. Due to this, he is likewise not mad at MickMick(because both looks somewhat comparable, yet MickMick suches as to boast that he has legs ). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Row MickMick|A person that is Arrogant and also extremely egotistic. MickMick suches as to think that he is the most effective, and also consequently is worthy of tosupervise of everybody else. He is constantly attempting to Press PN Mickey out of the means as well as outshine him to reveal that he is the premium leader due to the fact that of this. He does this while likewise attempting not to acquire excessive focus. AS he doesn"t desire PN Mickey to himself that he "s attempting to kick him out. So he follows his orders extremely carefully, as well as blazes at anybody that doesn"t(specifically Self-destruction Computer mouse ). Pluto|A person that is extremely edgy and also can obtain paranoid really rapidly concerning his environments. He does not such as to think of what he has actually come to be, and also what has actually occurred to his close friends . Similar to routine Disney, Pluto still suches as to comply with PN Mickey as he see"s him as his closest pal still. He does not actually have any kind of objectives to assault the guard, he simply wishes to be regular, or at least approved again.Hourglass|Somebody that does not really engage with the others a lot, Shapely appears to not actually adhere to any person"s orders however their very own. No person actually understands why they choose to assault the guard as well as attempt, due to the fact that it appears Shapely does not speak , they constantly have that exact same long-term smile on their face. No person comprehends him with the exception of Slester, which likewise appears to be the just one he is extremely near. The others constantly perplex his sex, yet wear" t allow his face challenge you, he is male.Daisy Duck|She resembles Donald, in which she can additionally eliminate her head from her neck any time, nonetheless, she does not actually like to do it as high as Donald does. She kinda simply discovers it meaningless and also dumb. So she doesn" t"do it commonly. She attempts o remain like her old self, in which she is virtually constantly attempting to maintain Donald out of difficulty. SHe is really brilliant as well as really rather wise, she does not truly inform the others or do anything before them create she locates it discourteous to boast before their faces. In truth, she appear" s to be the just one that see "s Jake as no risk to them, which is why she does not assault him.Willy|He constantly attempts to have the very best good manners and also is normally constantly considerate to others, consisting of Jake. That doesn "t imply he doesn"t obtain distressed, or a minimum of mad though. If somebody he has actually attempted to be good to is still really impolite to him,or simply general not paying attention to him, then he will certainly snap at them. As well as continue to attempt to strike as well as eliminate them. He discovers those individuals to be undeemable and also oblivious. So he see"s no factor in having them survive and also taint the globe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Row Ortensia|She is extremely frightened, as well as is quickly frightened by the others. She likewise has no arms, however her hat appears to have the exact same capacity as Oswald"s scarf, whereit will certainly function as her hands as well as assist her. She likewise has a bow that has the very same capability. She appears to mainly managewith Oswald, and also both have actually ended up being so close that they remain in a partnership. since of this Ortensia constantly looks to Oswald for convenience for when she is really feeling down Somebody that can hardly chat, whenever they speak their words appear to be extra like mute mumbles than anything else. It is due to the fact that fifty percent they "re face appears to be dead. Fifty percent of their face looks even more like a deluxe doll with stitches as well as such since of this. The others are unclear if it troubles them or otherwise, and also they discover no factor in inquiring either. Regardless of having a post protruding of their head, they wear "t appear to be in any type of discomfort, and also maybe the post is the factor fifty percent of their face appears dead. No person understands if they are a child or lady, yet they appear to reply to both, so everybody constantly changes in between pronouns with them.Happy Computer mouse|He constantly appear "s to be grinning also if he is depressing, due to this, he often resembles he is in discomfort. Although there is absolutely nothing he can do due to the fact that his face appear"s to be iced up like that. He does not connect with the others way too much, considering that he locates himself to be as well frightening and also as well gruesome to take a look at. Due to this, nobody truly recognizes a great deal concerning him, or that he actually is. He intends to with any luck maintain it in this way as well.God/ Pureness|She is somebody that constantly relax, and also absolutely nothing can ever before truly disturb her. She does not engage with the others a lot, just when they seem like they are second best or they are encountering a challenging difficulty and also require recommendations. She does appear to be extremely near to Unequaled though, and also she speaks with hm one of the most possibly. She shows up to Jake to attempt as well as allow him understand that the others simply require a buddy of types, somebody to assist them. She has a really weird power to where she can often recover the others as well as make them far better yet it"s just for a restricted time, as an example, Unequaled does not have eyes, God can swing her hand in front of his face as well as he will certainly have view for a restricted time.Undying|He is typically constantly mad, and also when he is rather tranquil he still comes off as irritated. However he does not care a lot due to the fact that of this he does not obtain along with the others that well. He locates them to be frustrating, besides Shapely or Slester. He is possibly the a lot more figured out one "s to assault as well as eliminate Jake, he discovers Jake "s existence to be extremely disrespectful, considering that he doesn" t understand what it" s like to be in their scenario in all. For one reason or another, God appears to be the just one that is qualified to soothe him down. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th Row Goofy/Acephalous|He is not extremely talkative, a minimum of, not with the others that a lot. He thinks that there is still expect them all however, including himself. He believes that making Jake really feel guilty will certainly make him understand that they simply intend to be approved once more, so he speaks about why Jake doesn "t wish to approve them as well as such. He is a really tranquil, and also smooth gent. He still handles to utilize good manners as well as behave to the others, also if he does in some cases locate them frustrating. He likewise has the capability to get rid of his head, however unlike the others he definitely dislikes the capability to. He locates it silly as well as it squanders his time, since it is extremely simple for him to shed his head and afterwards he needs to invest for life simply seeking it. Since they discover it funny.Impure Computer mouse She does not yap. And Also unlike PN Minnie, she does not appreciate remaining in a connection with Mickey or any one of them. Her appropriate eye constantly appears to resemble it "s thawing straight off her face, although she guarantees that is doesn "t pain which she can still practically see simply great. Her mouth additionally appears to be dissolved closed, however she doesn" t truly appreciate that as she doesn" t see the requirement to talk.Henry(Humanoid)| Depressing boi, simply wishes to advise Jake as well as be typical once again. He "s not actually a killer.; w; Corruptus|A really crazy individual . Corruptus is a mix of a lot of the various other Mickey "s, as well as a result of this he mainly has their characters, simply blended with each other. As a result of this, he can be lonesome and also wish to be near Jake and also see him as a good friend, and also various other times he desires absolutely nothing greater than to enjoy Jake "s blood go anywhere. If he wants to, he has the capability to regulate hearts as well as also ruin them. He locates the others to be rather weak, yet he does not want to harm them and also compel them to do his job. He discovers it a lot more enjoyable as well as far better to do it himself.Photo Adverse Minnie|Shecan be quite compulsive over PN Mickey, which kinda fanatics him out a little. She attempts her outright ideal to obtain PN Mickey" s love, however absolutely nothing ever before appear "s to function. Due to this she appears to be the meaning of a yandere, where she"ll attempt to maintain PN Mickey all for herself. This is why she attempts to assault and also eliminate Jake, she thinks that if she does so, PN Mickey will lastly understand simply exactly how ready she is to do points for him, and also consequently like her. Nevertheless, she does not recognize that PN Mickey really intends to obtain closer to Jake, yet not to hurt him.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||5 Nights at Prize Island does not come from meThe humanizations "nonetheless, do! X3