The Flag of the Republic of Puerto Rico is rectangle-shaped fit as well as includes 5 rotating straight red stripes, 3 red as well as 2 white, with an isosceles triangular with a five-pointed white celebrity in the facility based upon the hoist side. The 3 red stripes stand for the blood that nurtures the 3 branches of federal government, both white red stripes stand for private freedom as well as the legal rights of male which keep the equilibrium amongst the 3 branches of federal government. The white celebrity stands for the Republic, heaven triangular stands for the sea as well as the skies, as well as the 3 sides of the triangular stand for the 3 branches of the Republic's republican kind of federal government. The flag's layout is based upon the Cuban flag with the blue and also red shades inverted. The color of blue utilized for the triangular depends upon that is asked. One might see flags with the dark blue, such as the flag showed, a skies blue ("azul celeste") or imperial blue triangular. There is no "main" color of blue.There are 3 variations of the beginning of the Flag of Puerto Rico. It seems undeniable that the flag existed on December 22, 1895 at Smokeshaft Hall in New York City by Juan de Mata Terreforte, an expert of the "Grito de Lares," to a team of 59 Puerto Rican ousts that consisted of the Puerto Rican area of the Cuban Revolutionary Celebration. However, the identification of the individual that suggested that the brand-new Flag of Puerto Rico resemble the Cuban flag with upside down shades is open to question.It is claimed, nevertheless, that real color of blue of the flag's triangular is dark (Navy) blue. Red, dark as well as white blue are particular of the republican nationwide shades (flags) in Europe throughout the 19th century, affected by the tri-color of the First French Republic. The tri-color remained in turn affected by the shades of the recently developed Republic of the USA. The Cuban flag was created in New york city by General Narciso López for his unsuccessful intrusion of Cuba in 1851, the objective of which was to link Cuba to the USA. Heaven on that particular flag was a dark color. This initial Cuban flag with the dark blue red stripes was taken on by the Constitutional Setting up which announced the Armed Republic of Cuba in Camagüey in 1869. José Martí utilized the very same flag as the flag of the Cuban Revolutionary Celebration in 1892. Ultimately, that flag was assigned as the main flag of Cuba in 1903. Heaven in all those Cuban flags was Navy blue, so it stands to factor that when the flag of Puerto Rico was taken on in 1895 (with the shades of the Cuban flag inverted) the triangular's color of blue was dark (Navy).

Some recommend, based upon communication in between Terreforte and also Domingo Collazo, a participant of the Club Borínquen, connected with the Cuban Revolutionary Event, that the concept of inverting the shades of the Cuban flag for the Flag of Puerto Rico originated from Francisco Gonzalo ("Pachín") Marín. Others assert that the concept pertained to Antonio Vélez-Alvarado, that composed that "the shades showed up upside down prior to my eyes ... on June 11, 1890 or 1891," which it "promptly it struck me that with those shades of the Cuban flag, inverted as I had actually seen them, the Flag of Puerto Rico might be made." Still one more variation is that Manuel Besosa, among the supervisors of the Puerto Rican area of the Cuban Revolutionary Event, was the individual that suggested that the Flag of Puerto Rico be imitated the Cuban flag, with shades inverted, when Terreforte's proposition that the Flag of Betances (Grito de Lares Flag) be embraced as the Flag of Puerto Rico was beat by ballot of the participants of the Directorate of the Puerto Rican section.The participants of the

Directorate then asked for that Besosa develop an upside down shades flag to be provided to the participants of the Puerto Rican area. He consequently asked his little girl, María Manuela ("Mima") Besosa, to stitch the flag. It was this little (8-inch by 5-inch) flag that Terreforte provided at Smokeshaft Hall on December 22, 1895 and also there taken on all by the Puerto Rican banishes as the Flag of Puerto Rico.