I simply completed enjoying most recent episode of The Flash - Versus Zoom and also obtained little overwhelmed what a "Timeline Residue" in fact indicates. In this episode we discover Zoom"s beginning and also his link to Earth-2 Flash Jay Garrick.

Zoom describes that he returns in time and also persuaded his Timeline Residue to aid him in his bad strategy as well as ultimately pass away at his hand. This is all obtaining complicated since if we return to Period 1's ending, Reverse-Flash obtained removed from timeline as his forefather Eddie Thwane eliminated himself.

Passing this regulation, when Zoom eliminated his previous self why really did not he obtain removed from the timeline? Or Did eliminating his previous self made him some dark pressure (As he priced estimate to Blink while his eyes transform black)? Then why really did not Reverse-Flash come to be like Zoom? Just distinction I can see is fatality of a forefather vs. fatality of a Timeline Residue

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Jay Garrick was not the plain past-self. Though they are constantly quite unclear on the description; it is clear that Eobard Thawne never ever obtained gotten rid of from the time-line. It went as a circle: future attached to past; it never ever obtained altered ... Nora Allen is hence predestined to pass away. Just there was a damage in the continuum that remains in today however that didn'' t break the entire web link. That'' s why Reverse Flash is not gotten rid of. He would certainly still eliminate Nora as all the later occasions would certainly comply with that. Exact same remains in the situation of Seeker. It was not simply his plain previous self. That'' s why he didn ' t obtain removed.
-- user33741
Apr 22 "16 at 7:33
Had I stated or else? I claimed Reverse Flash never ever obtains eliminated from the round time-rope; though component of it obtained shed- the here and now.
-- user33741
Apr 22 "16 at 9:28
During Residue point is really complex, I assume it was added as a method to describe exactly how Zoom eliminated Jay Garrick, yet then when it was considered, it didn'' t actually make good sense. I believe the manufacturers of Flash have actually missed out on a technique right here due to the fact that it'' s far better to maintain time traveling basic so you put on'' t puzzle the target market,'as well as they ' ve made it all a little bit also complex. In straightforward terms, they goofed, then attempted to clarify it with creative science-babble, as well as currently everyone is puzzled.
-- user35334
Jun 2 "16 at 15:12

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Timeline Residue

Speedsters have some resistance to modifications in time. As we are informed several times, just they will certainly keep in mind the modifications in time that they make. "It"s feasible Eobard remained in the Rate Pressure, securing him like an air-raid shelter, maintaining him to life and also his plan undamaged. It"s what"s referred to as a "timeline residue" (Wells-2, Period 2 "Reverse Flash Returns" .

When Eddie dedicated a brave sacrifice to quit Eobard, we need to keep in mind that there was an energetic selfhood open, an actual hole precede and also TIME. The Selfhood might have altered points. And also to avoid an actual grandpa Mystery (Eddie eliminates himself, Eobard is never ever birthed, providing Eddie no factor to eliminate himself), time solutions it in one of the most practical means feasible. By eliminating the "existing" one, which was the earliest. The more youthful one survived to shield the timeline.

Cisco was likewise mosting likely to be gotten rid of out of the timeline, when Barry intended on securing the more youthful Eobard in "Reverse Flash Returns" , as Cisco was generally developed better in Eobard"s timeline. We additionally need to keep in mind that Cisco is attached via room and also time, like the selfhood, to the tool in between measurements.

When it comes to "Jay", we wear"t recognize where in Zoom"s timeline Jay is from. He can be from the past, OR from the future. Zoom is likewise insane, as well as had no worry speaking his Timeline Residue right into craving this dumb strategy.

The program experiences a total irregular use time-travel though. It doesn"t adhere to a solitary concept, so anything can occur as the authors desire it to occur.

The Darkness

Yes, it"s feasible that Zoom in some way developed an Adverse Rate Pressure. Much like just how in the comics, Barry Allen produced the Rate Pressure (which produces him ... ugh, temporal technicians), as well as develops a lot more with every action, in The Flash: Renewal # 4 (2009) Teacher Zoom (Eobard) ultimately develops an Adverse Rate Pressure, that imitates a cancer cells to the Rate Pressure. We wear"t recognize if the program is taking this style up yet, remain song, exact same Flash time, very same Flash network.