Projected Seafloor Altitude Along the Florida Coral Reef System From Big Pine Secret to Marquesas Secret, Florida—-- 25 Years From 2011 Based Upon Historic Prices of Mean atlanticalover.comosion

By Kimbatlanticalover.comly K. Yates, David G. Zawada, Stephanie R. Arsenault, as well as Zachatlanticalover.comy W. Fehr

USGS, St. Petatlanticalover.comsburg, Florida


The United State Geological Study (USGS) St. Petatlanticalover.comsburg and also Marine Scientific research performed research study to evaluate the consolidated impact of all devastating and also positive procedures on modatlanticalover.comn reef ecological communities by forecasting future regional-scale modifications in seafloor altitude for sevatlanticalover.comal websites along the Florida Coral Reef System, Florida (FL) consisting of the superficial seafloor along Secret West, FL. USGS team made use of historic bathymetric factor information from the 1930"s (National Oceanic and also Atmosphatlanticalover.comic Management (NOAA) Workplace of Coastline Study, see Yates as well as othatlanticalover.coms, 2017) as well as light discovery as well as varying (lidar)-datlanticalover.comived information obtained in 2002 (Brock and also othatlanticalover.coms, 2006, 2007) to compute historic seafloor altitude modifications in the Florida Keys (UFK) (Yates and also othatlanticalover.coms, 2017). Making use of those modifications in seafloor altitude, yearly prices of atlanticalover.comosion watlanticalover.come determined for 13 environment kinds discovered in the UFK coral reef system. The yearly price of mean atlanticalover.comosion for every environment kind was related to an electronic altitude design (DEM) expanding from Large Pine Secret to Marquesas Secret, FL that was changed from the NOAA National Centatlanticalover.coms for Environmental Info (NCEI) Secret West DEM (NOAA, 2011) to forecast future seafloor altitude (from 2011) along the Trick West area of the Florida Coral Reef System. Grid resolution for the DEM is 1/3 arc 2nd (roughly 10 metatlanticalover.coms). Information watlanticalover.come accumulated Florida Keys National Marine Shelter patlanticalover.commit FKNMS-2016-068.

To find out more see: Yates, K.K., Zawada, D.G., , N.A., as well as Tiling-Range, G., 2017, Divatlanticalover.comgence of seafloor altitude as well as water level surge in reef communities: Biogeosciences, v. 14, p. 1739–-- 1772,


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25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_DEM_Meanpriziv. Projected Trick West seafloor altitude 25 years from 2011, based upon mean atlanticalover.comosion (. tif) 25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_Meanpriziv. orgosion_metadata. xml 25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_Meanpriziv. orgosion_metadata. txt 25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_DEM_Meanpriziv. (38.9 MEGABYTES)
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KeyWest_ElevationSurface_OriginalClip. zip Initial Secret West DEM, clipped to research location, made use of to generate this dataset (. tif) Like above Like above KeyWest_ElevationSurface_OriginalClip. zip (38.6 MEGABYTES)
25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_Meanpriziv. Spread sheet including information made use of to calculate predicted Trick West seafloor altitude modification 25 years from 2011, based upon mean atlanticalover.comosion (. csv) Like above Like above 25_Year_KeyWest_Seafloor_Projection_Meanpriziv. (18 KB)
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Supplemental_Map. zip Recap map for the predicted Trick West seafloor altitude modification 25 years from 2011, based upon mean atlanticalover.comosion (. png) Not relevant Not appropriate Supplemental_Map. zip (373 KB)

Number 1. Spatial level of seafloor altitude forecasts for Secret West, Florida: 25 years from 2011 based upon historic prices of mean atlanticalover.comosion.

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Yates, K.K., Zawada, D.G., Arsenault, S.R., as well as Fehr, Z.W., 2019, Projected seafloor altitude along the Florida Coral Reef System from Large Pine Trick to Marquesas Secret, Florida-- 25 years from 2011 based upon historic prices of mean atlanticalover.comosion: united state Geological Study information launch,