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I"ve been asking yourself exactly how to deal with this. I intended to have my sister/MOH go right prior to me given that we are extremely close. Likewise, I figured it would certainly provide our FGs adequate time to obtain seated with their households if I can have my sister/MOH stroll prior to me, also (they won"t toss flowers, simply lug pomander rounds and also an indicator). Is the order uncompromising or would certainly it be unusual?


Wondering this also, as my blossom woman will certainly be 13 months old and also boiling down the aisle with aher mother (a bridesmaid, however not my closest bridesmaid or MOH).


* I put on"t assume she always needs to stroll down right prior to you, however I believe your visitors would certainly see the blossom woman as well as anticipate you to find down following. It could trigger a little complication & some individuals could begin standing or something. However it"s your wedding celebration, you can place the women in whatever order you desire.


* I dunno. Do what you desire. I put on"t believe that the order individuals drop(commonly)is any kind of representation on their degrees of significance to you.My FG though

lol ... she was a hoot and also took her responsibilities extremely seriously. She would certainly take down a flower and after that choose it back up. So simply bear in mind youngsters are uncertain lol.


I" m doing mine absolutely out of whack, however I additionally have a 19 years of age blossom lady hahahaha. I"m having my 2 younger bridesmaids head out, then the blossom lady, then my bridesmaids. I desired my MOH to be the last one up there with me.


You can have an order you desire. My important things is that your MOH/sister will certainly be tipping on the blossoms the blossom woman is "throwing". I did have my MOH wait to begin strolling to ensure that I might have a min with her plus I had a various track for MOH and also FG/RB so we would certainly have needed to await the songs modification (there was a lengthy break while my MOH/sister and also I sought the rings yet that"s an additional tale). Like Janeen, my blossom lady took her task seriously (however didn"t return to choose anything up. She in fact had snow confetti rather than flower as the snow confetti chose our motif).

Lucy - that is an additional reason that I"m uncertain what to do. I wear"t desire visitors to be puzzled yet I think I can place the order of the processional on the programs to aid with that!Yupp, my FGs will certainly be

holding kissing spheres and also an indicator so they won "t requirement to do a lot! I understand one obtains superrrrrr timid though so we will certainly see lol Are you boiling down the aisle to a various tune then the remainder

of the wedding event? If so simply see to it the FG are strolling in the direction of completion of the track, and after that your MOH strolls so near to completion boom tune adjustments as well as below comes the bride-to-be. to assist prevent complication Do whatever order functions best for you. There actually is absolutely nothing uncompromising any longer. Wedding celebration celebrations are so different currently a-days that it"s hard to state what is"intend"to be the order.Do what benefit you. faran-yes my tune will certainly be entirely various from their own.

I may simply place it on the program
so individuals recognize