On 17th September 2011, previous WBC welterweight champ Victor Ortiz encountered boxing's 'Pretty Young boy', Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vega. To day, this battle is thought about among one of the most questionable in the sporting activity. Mayweather looked like the leading fighter right from the outset.

It appeared the battle was proceeding for 'Cash' via the rounds. Nevertheless, completion of the battle created a great deal of conflict in the boxing neighborhood as Mayweather shut the program for Victor Ortiz with 'sucker-punch'. Also a years later on, boxing perfectionists still dispute and also suggest whether the ko was moral and also reasonable.

In the initial couple of rounds, Victor Ortiz appeared active and also revealed eruptive striking. While he did not look like the weak challenger, Floyd Mayweather's first-rate protection and also activity aided him evade the majority of Ortiz's shots. In the 4th round, Ortiz released a headbutt at Mayweather's face and also this opened a cut inside his mouth.


Umpire Joe Cortez observed this unlawful action as well as right away interfered, divided both competitors, and also subtracted a factor from Ortiz. As quickly as the umpire returned to the battle, Ortiz approached his challenger and also embraced him.


In a fraction of a second after accepting him, Floyd Mayweather promptly struck him with a left hook and also followed it with a right-hand man.

This went down Victor Ortiz right now as well as due to the fact that he might not come back up after 10 matters, Cortez cancelled the battle.

Floyd Mayweather generated a little of Muay Thai

In a meeting, Victor Ortiz subjected and also disclosed Floyd Mayweather's glossy activities inside the ring on that particular evening. He stated that his challenger landed sixteen arm joint strikes to his ideal eye, which created extreme damages. Ortiz likewise mentioned that the umpire did rule out his first issue concerning the arm joints as well as rather asked him to proceed.

I'll be straightforward, what led up to that headbutt was that I took 16 elbow joints to my appropriate eye, for that reason making it shut. Floyd does this truly glossy point where he's tossing a hook, it appears like a hook is touchdown, however actually, he's landing the elbow joint. So he began striking me with that said joint, I took 16 of them. In between there, I called around 4 of those to Cortez 'elbow joint, Cortez, arm joint!', he stated 'maintain boxing Vic, maintain boxing Ortiz'," claimed Victor Ortiz.


LAS VEGA, NV-- SEPTEMBER 17: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) as well as Victor Ortiz fight in the 4th round of their WBC welterweight title battle at the MGM Grand Yard Field September 17, 2011 in Las Vega, Nevada. Mayweather knocked senseless Ortiz in the 4th round to win the title. (Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

At the end of round 2, Ortiz informed his edge regarding the elbow joint strikes and also mentioned that they were injuring him. When he had actually currently done that, they asked him to inform that to the umpire also. Unexpectedly, a cornerman asked him to headbutt Mayweather as well as claimed that his challenger can make him go blind if he does not counter his elbow joints. Ortiz did not pay much interest to this guidance and also waged rounds 3 and also 4.

Victor Ortiz practically had his retina removed

In rounded 4, Ortiz increased down on his eruptive striking. As he took care of to press Mayweather right into the edge, his Philly Covering guard confirmed inadequate and also he considered one more elbow joint strike to his eye. If it had actually triggered a retina injury, he really felt as. A disappointed Ortiz then chose to turn to filthy play by introducing a headbutt right into his challenger's face.

4th and also so 3rd, I'm pushing ahead as well as he has that search in his eye like 'I've never ever been struck such as this prior to, what's taking place?'. He was returning, annoyingly, out his terms.

"So, I'm stepping forward as well as I obtained him versus the ropes which little point he does (Philly covering), that protection do not help me, I'm left-handed.


"And afterwards out of no place, he struck me with that said arm joint and also it seemed like he tore my retina. Guy, when he did that, I assumed, boom," Ortiz included.

Ortiz included that he was not pleased with that bad deed which throughout his comprehensive amateur and also expert occupation, he had actually refrained from doing anything like that. He claimed that he seemed like a" unclean individual" on that particular evening.

After Floyd landed the initial sharp left hook to his face, Ortiz claimed that he took a look at Cortez for a time-in yet then his challenger landed a succeeding right-hand man that then dropped him to the canvas. He also explained that Cortez's countdown was really quick as well as the fastest he had actually ever before seen in his profession.