www.youtube.com div imager_1_9036_700.jpg" alt="*" div (Getty Images/SN Picture) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/9d/e3/nfl-playoffs-122919-getty-ftr_1tft8oks9i2qi1ml9yapsrt8gz.jpg?t=1448816543&w=500&quality=80 Many thanks partly to the NFL"s increased playoff area, Week 17 included 7 postseason places yet to be secured. Discuss high dramatization-- the Browns searching for their initial playoff berth because 2002, Mitchell Trubisky attempting to prolong his Chicago period, the NFC"s No. 1 seed as well as only bye still up for grabs. p Possibly the greatest dissatisfaction of the day was the Dolphins, that simply required a win to safeguard a playoff berth yet rather enabled the Colts to regulate their very own fate after Miami was burnt out by a Costs group without much to bet. In the NFC East, the Giants as well as Cowboys played a barnburner, and also the last standings boiled down to Washington"s win versus Philly on "Sunday Evening Football." The Ravens as well as Browns didn"t waste their opportunities at the playoffs, however. Requiring victories to enter, both travelled to triumphes, with Baltimore winning by a lot that it might relax Lamar Jackson for much of the 2nd fifty percent versus the Bengals. Cleveland was assisted by Pittsburgh relaxing Ben Roethlisberger and also various other beginners, however the Browns weren"t mosting likely to grumble. p Below is the complete NFL playoff brace for 2021 (prior to Week 17 Sunday Evening Football), plus a peek at the wild-card matches. p br EVEN MORE: SN anticipates the whole 2021 NFL playoff brace solid p NFL playoff brace 2021 h2 div style="text-align: center" imager_2_9036_700.jpg" alt="*" (SN image) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/cd/69/nfl-playoff-bracket-2021-wild-card-ftr_6or0408cudsx1d4ax16sz078s.jpg?t=-670917658&w=500&quality=80 p AFC p 1. Kansas City Chiefs (bye) b 2. Buffalo Expenses vs. 7. Indianapolis Colts3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 6. Cleveland Browns4. Tennessee Titans vs. 5. Baltimore Ravens p NFC solid p 1. Environment-friendly Bay Packers (bye)2. New Orleans Saints vs. 7. Chicago Bears3. Seattle Seahawks vs. 6. Los Angeles Rams4. Washington Football Group vs. 5. Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers p EVEN MORE: NFL playoff brace, discussed p That"s in the NFL playoffs 2021? In the NFL"s broadened playoff area of 14 groups, 7 got in Week 17 having actually currently secured a playoff place, while 7 postseason areas were still up for grabs. p Below is the NFL playoff area for 2021: h3 AFC standings h3 table solid Seed solid td Group solid Videotape solid td tr td 1. td Kansas City Chiefs 14-1 2. td Buffalo Expenses td 13-3 tr 3. td Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 tr td 4. Tennessee Titans 11-5 tr 5. td Baltimore Ravens td 11-5 td 6. td Cleveland Browns 11-5 tr 7. td Indianapolis Colts td 11-5 Removed: solid Miami Dolphins, Las Vega Raiders, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, New York City Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars p NFC standings h3 br td Seed Group td Tape-record tr 1. Eco-friendly Bay Packers td 13-3 td 2. td New Orleans Saints td 12-4 3. Seattle Seahawks 12-4 4. td Washington Football Group td 7-9 tr 5. td Tampa Bay Buccaneers td 11-5 td 6. td Los Angeles Rams td 10-6 td 7. td Chicago Bears td 8-8 td tr table solid Gotten rid of: Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, San Franciso 49ers, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Philly Eagles, Atlanta Falcons AFC playoff competitions p 1. Kansas City Chiefs (first-round bye) solid p The Chiefs secured the AFC"s No. 1 seed with a win in Week 16. Kansas City selected to relax Patrick Mahomes and also a few other top-level beginners in Week 17 versus the Chargers, offering those gamers 2 weeks off from video game activity prior to playing the lowest-remaining seed in the local round. p 2. Buffalo Expenses vs. 7. Indianapolis Colts solid Several anticipated Buffalo to relax beginners in Week 17, however Josh Allen tossed as well as played the initial fifty percent 3 goals. 2 of those were to Isaiah McKenzie, that additionally had an 84-yard punting return goal. The Costs are as warm as any type of group in football as well as might be on a clash to play Kansas City in the AFC national championship. The Colts entered many thanks to a Dolphins loss as well as Indy win. p 3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 6. Cleveland Browns p The Steelers relaxed Ben Roethlisberger and also a few other beginners in Week 17, causing a loss to Cleveland as well as remaining in the No. 3 place. That"ll provide Pittsburgh a first-round house video game with a rested quarterback, which must suffice to make a solid protection as well as obtaining corps the faves to breakthrough. It"ll be a Week 17 rematch yet with Pittsburgh playing its huge weapons. p 4. Tennessee Titans vs. 5. Baltimore Ravens The Titans secured the AFC South with a limited win in Week 17 over the Texans. This will certainly be an enjoyable rematch of Tennessee"s local round trouble of the Ravens in 2014"s postseason. After Derrick Henry covered 2,000 lawns hurrying for the period, the emphasis will certainly get on Henry vs. Lamar Jackson. NFC playoff matches p 1. Environment-friendly Bay Packers (first-round bye) The Packers defeated the Bears on Sunday mid-day to safeguard the front runner and also an opportunity to relax for a week prior to the NFC playoffs undergo Lambeau Area. p 2. New Orleans Saints vs. 7. Chicago Bears solid Regardless of the Bears shedding to the Packers, they made the postseason because the Cardinals shed, also. That establishes a match with Drew Brees and also the Saints in what"s supposedly anticipated to be Brees" last NFL period. 3. Seattle Seahawks vs. 6. Los Angeles Rams p Both 3v6 video games include local competitions. The Rams won the November conference in between these groups, while Seattle exacted vengeance in September. Keep an eye out for the DK Metcalf vs. Jalen Ramsey match in this one. 4. Washington Football Group vs. 5. Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers The Buccaneers defeated the Falcons in Week 17 to secure the No. 5 seed in the NFC. Washington won the NFC East with a gain the Eagles. Tampa bay Bay might have had a Phyrric triumph, however, as celebrity receiver Mike Evans showed up to experience a significant left knee injury versus Atlanta. p