By Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes, Meg Wagner, Melissa Mahtani, Veronica Rocha and also Fernando Alfonso III,

1:21 p.m. ET, March 31, 2021

Brand-new mobile phone video clip reveals minutes after George Floyd was taken out of his auto

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Brand-new cellular phone video clip from Christopher Belfrey, a Minneapolis citizen that was auto parking his automobile on the road edge, reveals the minutes after George Floyd was taken out of the auto by policemans.

The video clip reveals 2 police officers standing over Floyd that is cuffed, remaining on the ground.

Belfrey claimed he saw Floyd being in the motorist"s seat of an automobile prior to police officers got here. He remained in his lorry beyond Mug Foods awaiting his fiancé that remained in the shop.

"They brought him out, strolled him over to the pathway as well as rested him down. One policeman then visited the other individuals that remained in the car as well as began asking inquiries," he claimed throughout statement.

Belfrey claimed he quit taping since he began obtaining "anxious."

"Among the policemans maintained gazing at me while I was videotaping so I sort of placed it down. Then I mosted likely to tape once more as well as then I was, like, I truly put on"t desire any type of troubles so I quit tape-recording," he claimed.

He claimed when he quit taping, he saw policemans take Floyd nearby. When he believed policemans were restraining Floyd, Belfrey stated he beginning driving away.


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The following witness affirming is Christopher Belfrey, a Minneapolis citizen that was auto parking his cars and truck on the road edge when he saw police officers strategy George Floyd"s automobile.

When he saw one of the police officers with his weapon attracted, he stated he began videotaping.

"I saw the policeman increase his weapon. I began videotaping," Belfrey claimed.

His testament is continuous.

1:18 p.m. ET, March 31, 2021 lawful expert Laura Coates: Bear In Mind George Floyd is out test, Derek Chauvin is

Evaluation from"s Laura Coates/ Composed by"s Maureen Chowdhury lawful expert Laura Coates kept in mind throughout the test"s damage that the prosecution"s choice to raise the prospective use a fake costs by George Floyd and also whether he was intoxicated, is a "preemptive" technique to "take the wind out of the sails of any kind of type of "gotcha" minute by the protection that attempted to place George Floyd on test."

Coates advised audiences that Floyd is out test, however previous Minneapolis Law enforcement agent Derek Chauvin and also whether he made use of too much harmful pressure is.

"Remember right here that this establishes the phase for why the policemans are called, it does not most likely to the meat of the issue of this test which is whether the police officer, then policeman Derek Chauvin, made use of harmful and also too much pressure when the hazard had actually been counteracted. And also whether that was the prospective causal consider his fatality. So, every one of this establishes the scene, establishes the phase, of whether there was a fake costs, his very own communication with George Floyd, not pertinent since George Floyd keep in mind is out test, the witness is out test, the various other eyewitnesses are out test. It is Derek Chauvin," Coates informed"s John King.
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12:46 p.m. ET, March 31, 2021

Shop employee indicates that he saw a policeman press his colleague while Chauvin stooped on Floyd

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Christopher Martin, that was operating at Mug Foods on May 25, 2020, indicated that he observed previous police officer Tou Thao press his colleague back after he tipped off the walkway before where Derek Chauvin was stooping on George Floyd"s neck.

As safety video clip from the road edge was bet the court, Martin told the video which revealed among his colleagues amongst the group enjoying the occurrence action off the pathway. Thao then comes close to the male and also presses him two times.

Martin was viewing the event play out from before the Mug Foods while he shot component of the episode on his phone. If at any kind of factor he saw his colleague touch the authorities policeman, the district attorney asked Martin. He responded, "no."

See a section of the safety video clip bet the court :

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12:05 p.m. ET, March 31, 2021

Shop employee claims Floyd didn'& #x 27; t intend to return right into the shop to go over the potentially phony expense

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Mug Foods worker Christopher Martin was examined today at test concerning a potentially phony $20 costs that George Floyd made use of to purchase cigarettes inside the shop on May 25, 2020.

Martin claimed that after checking out the expense that Floyd provided him, he thought it was a phony. At first, Martin claimed, he assumed he would certainly simply approve the costs and also not challenge Floyd concerning it. Martin affirmed that the shop"s plan was "if you took a fake costs, you would certainly have to spend for it out of your cash."

He claimed that in the beginning he assumed he would certainly simply take it and also place it on his very own "tab." Yet then Martin made a decision to go talk with his supervisor regarding the phony costs. His supervisor advised him to head out to the cars and truck that Floyd had actually entered as well as ask him concerning the costs. Martin stated he headed out to Floyd"s lorry two times.

The prosecution played safety and security video clip from the dining establishment nearby that revealed Martin and also an additional worker heading out to Floyd"s cars and truck and also asking him concerning the costs.

"I alerted them that they required ahead back right into the shop as well as the expense was phony and also my manager wished to speak to them," Martin claimed.

He affirmed Floyd "simply appeared like he didn"t desire this to occur. He was simply type of like, "why is this taking place?""

Martin stated that Floyd wouldn"t accept return right into the shop.

He claimed that he returned right into the shop as well as informed his supervisor that Floyd would certainly not return right into the shop. His supervisor informed Martin to return bent on the automobile as well as attempt once again.

After Martin and also a colleague attempted a 2nd time, Floyd still would certainly not accept enter the shop to talk with the supervisor. "George Floyd did pass by ahead right into the shop," he claimed.

He stated that after he informed his supervisor a 2nd time that George Floyd would certainly not return right into the shop, someone called the authorities.


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New video from within Mug Foods-- the corner store on the edge of 38th and also Chicago in Minneapolis, where Floyd was collared by authorities-- is being dipped into the test today.

Shop staff Christopher Martin gets on the stand affirming while the video clip is being played.

In the video clip, Floyd can be seen inside the shop. Martin, that spoke with Floyd while he remained in the shop, indicated that he thought Floyd was intoxicated.

At one factor, the video clip reveals Martin marketing Floyd a pack of cigarettes. Martin can be seen in the video standing up the $20 costs that Floyd provided him for the cigarettes.

"When I saw the expense, I saw it had a blue pigment to it, type of like a $100 costs would certainly have. I located that weird. I presumed that it was phony," Martin stated.

Martin"s statement is continuous.

View a part of the security video clip played throughout the Chauvin test:

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Christopher Martin, 19, that was operating at Mug Foods on May 25, 2020, is currently affirming.

He claimed that he spoke to George Floyd inside the shop that day. Martin stated that when Floyd entered the shop, Martin asked him if he played baseball. Martin claimed Floyd informed him he played football.

Asked what Floyd"s problem resembled when he was speaking to him, Martin claimed, "When I asked him if he played baseball, he took place to react to that, however it type of took him a little lengthy to reach what he was attempting to claim."

Martin included, "it would certainly show up that he was high."

He claimed he offered Floyd cigarettes.

Martin is presently being examined on the wait the prosecution.

Enjoy the minute:

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The 3rd day of statement at Derek Chauvin"s test simply started.

See testament will certainly proceed with Genevieve Hansen, an experienced emergency medical technician as well as Minneapolis firemen.

Hansen took the stand the other day, and also indicated that she observed George Floyd"s fatality when she was out for a stroll on her time off. She stated she wished to make help to Floyd and also repetitively asked authorities to look for a pulse. They rejected.

District attorneys played video clip footage that included Hansen begging with the policemans to examine Floyd"s pulse.

"I attempted tranquil thinking, I attempted to be assertive, I begged as well as was hopeless," she indicated. "I was hopeless to offer aid."
She, also, called 911 later to report what cops had actually done. Her telephone call was the 3rd such record.

The spectators" painful testament advanced the prosecution"s opening up pitch to jurors, which concentrated on video clip of the 9 mins as well as 29 secs that Chauvin stooped on Floyd"s neck.