It"s been virtually 2 years considering that we last saw Jon, Daenerys, Cersei, and also those large dragons on our tv (unless you, thus much of us, have actually been crazily tearing with all 7 previous periods of Video game of Thrones for the previous couple of months to prepare yourselves for the collection ending). Offered this program"s tendency to get basically where it ended, there"s a whole lot you"ll intend to keep in mind concerning Period 7 prior to diving right into the very first episode of Period 8. From zombie dragons to individuals zooming around Westeros at unmatched rates, it"s hard to remember where every person is-- as well as the number of them are still amongst the living.Let "s experience

every person as well as whatever getting ready for the battle versus the dead that will certainly liquidate maybe HBO "s most prominent collection ever before: Will certainly Meera make her grand return??|HBO
That"s there:Meera Reed, Howland Reed, NymeriaWhat they"re doing:When Meera Reed took her leave of Bran as well as left Winterfell, she probably travelled to Home Reed"s household residence Greywater Watch, the castle that inexplicably jumps around the marshes of the North. Her papa, Howland Reed-- that, if you bear in mind, was with Ned Stark in Bran"s recall when he accepted absorb Jon "Aegon Targaryen" Snow as his very own-- has actually existed this entire time, maintaining his numerous, numerous secrets.We additionally recognize

, many thanks to among the coolest scenes of last period, that Arya"s direwolf Nymeria has actually made a house for herself in the North, ending up being the matriarch of a big pack of normal wolves patrolling the woodlands. She"s also helpful for all these minor human conflicts.Who "s there
:Robin ArrynWhat they"re doing:We last saw Robin Arryn in Period 6, commanding the Vale of Arryn after his mom"s fatality. He"s still doing penalty, holing himself up in the Eyrie and also sending out the periodic mounties to Sansa Stark"s aid.Not for absolutely nothing, Home Corbray, among the earliest Westerosi homes, additionally discovers their residence in the Vale, as well as remain in property of the Valyrian steel sword Woman Forlorn. It"s not likely they"re gon na be significant gamers in the last period, yet as long as we"re tracking that"s obtained several of that pleasant, pleasant White Walker-killing steel, we could too maintain the Corbrays in mind.Who "s there:Warm PieWhat they"re doing:Warm Pie! We enjoy Warm Pie. And also his scrumptious warm pies. After biding farewell to "Arry" in Period 3, Hot Pie consented to remain on as the resident bread cook of the one inn along the Kingsroad where every little thing takes place. He"s invested his time developing his baking abilities as well as making loaves of bread formed like direwolves.Who "s there
:Theon Greyjoy, his mangy band of Ironborn advocatesWhat they"re doing:Theon Greyjoy, having actually stopped working to capture Daenerys at a great time (insert ships coming on the evening joke below), has actually taken a team of Ironborn seafarers on a rescue goal to conserve his sibling Yara, whom he deserted when Euron Greyjoy wiped out Daenerys" fleet. Theon obtained his seafarers" regard by defeating their previous leader ridiculous after the guy attempted to kick him in between the legs in a battle. That relocation doesn"t job if Theon"s obtained absolutely nothing down there to kick at. To make sure that"s wonderful ... for him ... I suppose.Who "s there:
The UnsulliedWhat they"re doing: Last period, we discovered that the caverns beneath Dragonstone housed a large cache of obsidian"dragonglass," the second-best White Pedestrian deterrent behind Valyrian steel. Daenerys"Unsullied were extracting these rocks as well as making tools from them to make use of in the battle in the North prior to they followed her to King"s Touchdown-- as well as probably back up North.Who"s there: Jaqen H"ghar, Tycho Nestoris What they"

re doing: Jaqen, or whatever he"s calling himself nowadays is still staying in your home of White And Black, having actually seen Arya off to approve her fate back in Westeros. Tycho Nestoris, the smarmy lender that enjoys offering cash to Cersei, is likewise resting rather on the funds in the Iron Financial institution, anticipating Cersei to repay her financial debts any kind of day now.Who"s there: Euron Greyjoy, Yara Greyjoy, Daario Naharis What they

"re doing: Sellsword-with-a-heart-of-gold Daario Naharisis probably (ideally!)doing simply great judgment over individuals of Meereen after Daenerys notified him that no, he would certainly not be shtupping her completely to the Iron Throne, yet many thanks for everything!Ironborn king Euron Greyjoy, that promised his commitment to Cersei for some warm sex that he" s frantically wishing will really take place, is hectic searching for as well as acquiring the solutions of the fabulous Golden Business: a mercenary military that Cersei prepares to utilize to eliminate whoever prevails in the North problem. Yara, whom he apprehended after he shed Daenerys "fleet, is probably additionally with him.Who" s there: Jaime Lannister, Melisandre What they"re doing: All of us supported when Jaime Lannister left Cersei in disgust after she
informed him that she"d never ever accepted ally herself with Daenerys in all, which her major objective is to collect the Golden Business to safeguard her versus whatever risk boils down from the North-- living or dead. In pictures launched a couple of months back as well as in the trailer for the brand-new period, we see Jaime putting on North shield as well as combating throughout the lengthy fight series that we understand happens totally in the evening. Since he-- in addition to his Valyrian steel sword Widow "s Howl( the various other sword created from Ice, initially provided to Joffrey)-- has actually deserted his progressively unhitched sis and also signed up with the pressures defending the living, it shows up Jaime Lannister"s hero arc is ultimately complete.Melisandre, still trembled from Stannis"loss as well as her shock success at bringing Jon Snow back from the dead, as well as aware that Jon dislikes her for melting Stannis"child Shireen active, chose last period to trip to Volantis, where she has some mystical organization to address. When she informs Varys, he presses her to remain there forever, however she informs him she "ll be back:"I will certainly return, dear Crawler. One last time. I need to pass away in this weird nation, similar to you." Valar morghulis.Sign up below for our everyday e-mail, obtain Streamail for much more home entertainment, as well as subscribe right here for our YouTube network to obtain your repair of the most effective in food/drink/fun.