This web page was existing at the end of the main'' s last term in workplace covered by Please call us with any type of updates. George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle 53.5% td 48,886,597 td 426 td             td Autonomous Michael Dukakis/Lloyd Bentsen 45.8 % 41,809,476 111 tr    tr td         td Liberal td Ron Paul/Andre Marrou td 0.5 % 431,750 td     0 tr         td New Partnership Lenora Fulani/Joyce Dattner td 0.2 % td 217,221 td 0 tr td Complete Ballots td 91,345,044 td b 537 b tr Political election results using: 1988 main political election results td tr table Various other prospects that showed up on the tally obtained much less than 0.1%of the ballot. Those prospects consisted of: David Battle each other, Eugene McCarthy, James Griffen, Lyndon LaRouce, William Marra, Edward Winn, James Warren, Herbert Lewin, Earl Dodge, Larry Holmes, Willa Kenoyer, Delmar Dennis, Jack Herer, Louis Youngkeit and also John Martin. 1984 governmental political election In 1984, Shrub ran as vice head of state to Ronald Reagan, that beat Walter Mondale for re-election to the USA presidency. p b United state governmental political election, 1984 Celebration td Prospect td td    Elect  % td Ballots td Electoral elects td         Republican td     Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Shrub b td 50.9 % 43,903,230 489 td             Autonomous Jimmy Carter/Walter Mondale 41.1 % td 35,480,115 td 49 td         td Independent td John Anderson/Patrick Lucey td 6.6% 5,719,850 0 tr             Liberal Edward Clark/David Koch td 1.1% td 921,128 td 0 td tr         td People td Barry Commoner/LaDonna Harris 0.3 % 233,052 td 0 td Overall Ballots td 86,257,375 td 538 b tr Political election results by means of: 1980 main political election results table Various other prospects that showed up on the tally got much less than 0.1 % of the ballot. Those prospects consisted of: Gus Hall, John Rarick, Clifton DeBerry, Ellen McCormack, Maureen Smith, Deirdre Griswold, Benjamin Bubar, David McReynolds, Percy Greaves Jr., Andrew Pulley-block, Richard Congress, Kurt Lynen, Costs Gahres, Frank Shelton, Martin Wendelken as well as Harley McLain. p h2 Individual h2 Keep in mind: Please call us if the individual details listed below calls for an upgrade. Shrub was wed to his other half Barbara up until her fatality on April 17, 2018, with whom he had 6 kids, consisting of previous Head of state George W. Shrub as well as previous Guv of Florida Jeb Shrub. His little girl Robin passed away at age 3 from leukemia. 4 His dad, Prescott Shrub, additionally worked as a legislator, standing for Connecticut from 1952-1963.