This web page was existing at the end of the main'' s last term in workplace covered by Please call us with any type of updates. georgia-state-se-michael-williams div 1 Board assignments3 Elections3.1 20184 Project donors5 Scorecards6 Significant events7 2016 Republican politician National Convention br Michael E. Williams b is a previous Republican politician participant of the Georgia State Us senate, standing for Area 27 from 2015 to 2019. Williams was a 2018 Republican prospect for Guv of Georgia. 1 p Board jobs h3 2017 legal session h3 At the start of the 2017 legal session, this lawmaker offered on the complying with boards: Georgia board projects, 2017 - Appropriations - Financial and also Financial Institutions td tr - Values td tr - Financing td tr - Public Safety and security td tr table 2015 legal session h3 p At the start of the 2015 legal session, Williams offered on the complying with boards: Georgia board tasks, 2015 tr - Values, Vice chair td tr td - Money td tr - College tr - Public Safety and security table Funded regulation h2 The complying with table listings expenses funded by this lawmaker. Costs are checked by BillTrack50 and also arranged by activity background. The adhering to checklist might not be thorough. To see all costs funded by he or she, click the lawmaker"s name in the title of the table. br p Political elections 2018 See additionally: Georgia gubernatorial political election, 2018 p General political election General political election for Guv of Georgia br p Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams and also Ted Metz in the basic political election for Guv of Georgia on November 6, 2018. p Prospect % Ballots br td ✔ td p br td Brian Kemp (R) td   50.2.   br 1,978,408 td georgia-state-se-michael-williams div p Stacey Abrams (D) td br   br 48.8   1,923,685 td tr georgia-state-se-michael-williams div p td Ted Metz (L)   0.9   37,235 p td p There were no incumbents in this race. The outcomes have actually been licensed.   Resource Overall ballots: 3,939,328 (100.00%districts reporting) td Do you desire a spread sheet of this kind of information? Get in touch with our sales group. tr br Republican key overflow political election Republican main drainage for Guv of Georgia p Brian Kemp beat Casey Cagle in the Republican key overflow for Guv of Georgia on July 24, 2018. p Prospect % Ballots tr ✔ br td Brian Kemp td   69.5   406,703 td Casey Cagle td   br 30.5   td 178,893 tr td p There were no incumbents in this race. The outcomes have actually been licensed. Overall ballots: 585,596 Do you desire a spread sheet of this kind of information? Get in touch with our sales group. p table Autonomous key political election Autonomous main for Guv of Georgia Stacey Abrams beat Stacey Evans in the Autonomous primary for Guv of Georgia on May 22, 2018. p Prospect br % Ballots br td tr ✔ td Stacey Abrams   br 76.4   424,305 td tr td br td Stacey Evans   br 23.6   br td 130,784 td There were no incumbents in this race. The outcomes have actually been accredited. p Overall ballots: 555,089 td tr Do you desire a spread sheet of this kind of information? Call our sales group. table br Republican key political election Republican main for Guv of Georgia br p Casey Cagle and also Brian Kemp progressed to a drainage. They beat Seeker Hillside, Clay Tippins, and also Michael Williams in the Republican politician primary for Guv of Georgia on May 22, 2018. p Prospect % Ballots tr ✔ td Casey Cagle   39.0   br 236,987 td tr ✔ td Brian Kemp br   25.5   br td 155,189 td tr td br td Seeker Hillside td br   br 18.3   td 111,464 td Clay Tippins td   br 12.2   br td 74,182 td tr br Michael Williams td br   4.9 br   td 29,619 tr table p td There were no incumbents in this race. The outcomes have actually been licensed. Complete ballots: 607,441 td tr Do you desire a spread sheet of this sort of information? Get in touch with our sales group. td tr Withdrawn or invalidated prospects p Project motifs Williams "project internet site mentioned the following: p td Go Back To Republican Concepts b Georgia has actually had a Republican Guv for nearly 16 years with a Republican regulated Home and also Us senate for over a years. p Yet we have actually not passed standard conventional regulations. We have yet to pass Tax obligation Reform, Institution Selection regulation, Constitutional Carry, Investing Cuts, and also numerous various other bedrocks of the Republican politician Event. This will certainly finish under Guv Williams-- even more outcomes, much less talk. No reasons! p The Georgia FairTax b Get rid of the state revenue tax obligation and also change it with state sales tax obligation comparable to what they have in Florida. p Weapon Civil Liberties: Constitutional Carry Guarantee this vital regulation is authorized right into regulation. This will certainly additionally secure our 2nd modification legal rights. p Term Limitations b Execute term restrictions for all statewide chosen workplaces. Presently, the Guv is the only term restricted workplace in the state. Our present Lt. Guv has actually held this workplace for 12-years. Spiritual Flexibility Georgia has actually pursued a number of years to pass spiritual flexibility regulations. Mr. Williams will certainly bring all the stakeholders with each other in order to authorize this regulation and also pass right into legislation. Power Of The Veto b The capacity to ban regulation is just one of one of the most effective alternatives readily available to the Guv. Frequently, vetoes have actually been utilized to obstruct conventional regulation. Michael Williams will certainly utilize the danger of veto to guarantee liberal regulations is not pressed on Georgia people. It will certainly be banned if lawmakers do not pass a spending plan with investing decreases suggested by the Guv. 100 % Pro-Life Shield innocent life from fertilization up until all-natural fatality. p No Refuge Cities b Quit liberal cities from applying this harmful plan. p Farming: Decrease Rules Collaborate with the Trump management to decrease government policies that are straining our farmers. We have a distinct chance to see excellent renovations in this field. p Regulation & Order: Police Pay Elevate b Georgia police officers are several of the most affordable paid in the country. Mr. Williams joined Duane "Pet The Fugitive Hunter" Chapman to accentuate his regulation to boost the minimal wage for all police officers. As Guv, Michael Williams will certainly guarantee this comes to be regulation. p Institution Option b Expand our institution coupon programs and also offer extra methods to place moms and dads accountable of their kids's education and learning. Kids birthed in neighborhoods with under carrying out institutions must have choices. This likewise raises competitors amongst colleges, inevitably enhancing the high quality of education and learning. p Freeze University Tuition Fees Tuition prices at our state universities have actually skyrocketed out of hand for many years. We go to an all-time high yet pupils are not getting fringe benefits. Enhance Homeschooling Regulations Enable home-schooled pupils accessibility to college sports programs as well as centers. This has actually been effectively executed in Florida as well as can be done below. Home-school moms and dads pay the exact same college tax obligations as every person else as well as must obtain equivalent solutions. Buckle Down Regarding Illegal Migration b Carry out the 287 (g) Expulsion Program statewide. Regions that decline to conform will shed state financing. Without 287 (g), we have no chance of understanding when illegals are being and also dedicating criminal activities returned right into our areas. We require 287 (g) if we are going to obtain major regarding this issue. Rock Hill & Historic Monoliths Among my Democrat challengers, Stacey Abrams, has actually asked for the defacing of Rock Hill and also the elimination of various other confederate memorials as well as sculptures. What's following? Exploding the Jefferson Memorial or tearing down the Washington Monolith? Where does this end? Democrats and also the media enjoy attracting problems similar to this. It mixes and also increases scores up racial divide. p Allow me make myself clear: I do not sustain ruining Rock Hill or any one of our monoliths as well as I do not sustain revising Georgia's background. p All Georgians need to decline efforts by the media as well as my Democrat challenger to provoke racial department in this project. I will certainly be a guv for all Georgians. It's time to recover and also unify as a country. p Clinical Marijuana as well as In-State Farming b The defend clinical marijuana oil development is exceptionally individual. My papa was a Vietnam Battle professional detected with serious bipolar affective disorder, and also would certainly have most likely likewise been identified with PTSD in today's globe. Unfortunately, when I was 14-years-old, he took his very own life. The discomfort of shedding a dad to self-destruction is intolerable. Today, 22 experts with PTSD will certainly devote self-destruction. Tomorrow, one more 22. PTSD is among several harmful problems that need to be qualified for clinical marijuana oil. Georgia's clinical cannabis regulations are poor at ideal and also criminal at worst. Federal legislation bars transport of cannabis throughout state lines, yet Georgia legislation forbids in-state growing and also circulation. See the trouble? Legislated in-state farming and also circulation will certainly make certain secure accessibility for enduring individuals. p We require to obtain the federal government out of the medical professional's workplace. Clinical specialists concur that marijuana oil is life-saving and also boosts lifestyle for those in demand, yet political leaders utilize it to enhance their very own political programs. It is time we placed Georgians initially and also overlook squabbling powerbrokers as well as unique single-interest group. We have a large void in our regulations that I promise to loaded with good sense regulations. When I am guv, Georgia will certainly have greatly controlled in-state growing and also circulation of clinical cannabis as well as an increased checklist of qualified problems.