Jennifer Frying pan prepared the best house intrusion to murder her moms and dads, she worked with 3 guys for the task, every little thing was going according to her strategy, her moms and dads were required to the cellar as well as shot, leading to her mommy's fatality and also daddy remaining in a caused coma. She was cost-free, nobody thought her, she was lastly devoid of her limiting moms and dads-- however her strategy was stopped after her dad returned from a synthetic coma.

Jennifer and also her partner Daniel Wong

Jennifer began existing when she was a kid, she criticized a great deal of her actions on "Tiger Parenting," due to the fact that considering that Hann Frying pan constantly placed education and learning over whatever, it obtained so negative for her that she composed exists to think she was the child she wished to be.

When her courses finished each day and also carefully checked her extracurricular tasks, the Pans selected up Jennifer. Jennifer was never ever enabled to day young boys throughout her secondary school years or participate in senior high school dancings or senior proms for anxiety that these tasks would certainly sidetrack her from scholastic dedications. Jennifer and also her good friends considered her training very overbearing as well as limiting.

Jennifer started to lead a dual life of deceptiveness, she started to create cards with a copy machine, despite the fact that she did not complete college. She composed a letter of gratitude to an elite drug store college, the job her papa selected for her.


Jennifer fell short in her last year of secondary school in the mathematics course, Ryerson College withdrawed her very early admission since Jennifer might not birth to be viewed as a failing. She started existing to her family members and also acting to participate in college.

Jennifer and also her sibling Felix at her mom's funeral

Rather, she beinged in coffee shops, instructed piano, and also operated in a dining establishment to earn money to maintain the farce, she informed her moms and dads that she had actually obtained scholarships, also declaring that she had actually approved a deal for the pharmacology program at the College of Toronto.

She also got pre-owned books as well as viewed pharmacology video clips to produce note pads loaded with claimed course notes that she can reveal to her moms and dads. Jennifer likewise asked her moms and dads for consent to remain with a pal near school all week. Nonetheless, she remained with his sweetheart Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong, her secondary school sweetie whom her moms and dads understood absolutely nothing regarding.

While making believe to finish from the College of Toronto, Frying pan informed her moms and dads that she had actually functioned as a volunteer at the Medical facility for Sick Kid. Hann and also Bich were not persuaded, as she did not have a healthcare facility ID or attire. When and also swiftly found her deceptiveness, Bich followed her little girl to function.

Hann was stunned when she found her little girl's existing life as well as intended to kick Jennifer away from the house, yet Bich convinced him to enable her to remain. Hann provided Jennifer a last chance-- return to institution as well as coating secondary school as well as not see Daniel once again or wait till I'm dead to see him.


Jennifer as well as Wong's Crazy Partnership

Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong was her secondary school sweetie that her moms and dads really did not understand about. Since she was constricted by her moms and dads, Jennifer was 24 years old when Wong expanded weary of attempting to have a partnership with her. She lived in your home and also just satisfied him covertly.

When Jennifer learnt about it, Wong began dating an additional female, she comprised a tale. She informed Wong that a male had actually burglarized her home that had actually revealed a cops badge. She included that a number of guys had actually stormed in and also raped her, and also besides this she firmly insisted that a bullet had actually been sent out to her that Wong had actually stated had actually been sent out by his brand-new sweetheart.


The "Practically" Perfect Residence Intrusion Strategy

Sms message recouped from Jennifer's phone disclosed that Daniel had actually placed Jennifer in contact with the popular hit man, whom he had actually satisfied with his medicine negotiations. Among the sms message from the discussion Jennifer stated: "I did every little thing for you"

The Shooter that Daniel and also Frying pan worked with to eliminate her moms and dads

According to authorities, Jennifer and also Daniel had a strategy to employ an expert troublemaker for $10,000 to eliminate her moms and dads, at some point, she would certainly acquire $500,000. Daniel provided Jennifer a SIM card as well as an apple iphone so she can speak to the goon.

On November 8th, 2010, Frying pan signified to them that she had actually opened the door by transforming her bed room light on and also off numerous times when she went to sleep. She additionally spoke with among the males, Mylvaganam. Soon after, Mylvaganam as well as 2 other individuals went into your house with the opened front door.

They required all the cash in your home as well as robbed the bedroom, taking Bich as well as Hann to the cellar, where they fired them numerous times. Bich was eliminated right away, yet Hann made it through.

After Hann recouped from the synthetic coma, he claimed he bore in mind every little thing, he saw his little girl boiling down the staircases and also was cuffed, she talked kindly to among them.


Examination and also Apprehensions

Jennifer was talked to the evening after the murder as well as jailed on November 22, 2010, throughout her 3rd meeting at Markham Police headquarters. Throughout that meeting, she confessed to having actually employed awesomes however specified that she had actually employed them to eliminate her. Jennifer, Daniel, as well as the hit man were detained.

Test Of Jennifer Frying Pan

The test of Jennifer Frying pan and also her associates started on 19 March 2014, in Newmarket and also lasted 10 months. All begged blameless to the costs of first-degree murder, tried murder, as well as conspiracy theory to murder.

Authorities had a number of items of proof, consisting of a thorough monitoring of mobile phone motions as well as sms message website traffic, consisting of greater than 100 messages sent out in between Frying pan and also Wong in the 6 hrs prior to the murder.


Throughout examination, Frying pan as well as her close friend Daniel informed a various tale, the abnormality being that Frying pan was not struck, blindfolded, required to the cellar, or shot, leaving an eyewitness to the assault. Jennifer, Daniel Wong, Mylvaganam, as well as Crawford were all founded guilty on December 13, 2014, and also each got a life sentence without any possibility of parole for 25 years.

Prior to Jennifer was completed to jail her dad resolved her stating "I wish my child Jennifer thinks of what took place to her household can end up being a sincere individual."

Jennifer Frying Pan Currently

Since 2016, Jennifer Frying pan was offering her sentence at Grand Valley Establishment for Female in Kitchener, Ontario. She is additionally forbidden from calling Wong.