Summary: 11 secs audio clip from the Jurassic Park (1993) motion picture soundboard. p Submit dimension Taste price Networks td Resolution tr 215 kB 160 Kbps/44.000 Hz td stereo td 16 little bits p You can hear this line at 00:45:02 in the Blu-ray variation of the flick. p Price quote context p - Yeah, I"ll debug the excursion program when they return, alright? OK? - It"ll consume a great deal of calculate cycles. We"ll shed component of the system for some time. - There"s a limited quantity of memory, you can"t utilize it for every little thing. Are you gon na put together for a fifty percent a hr ... p - Quiet, every one of you! p - They"re coming close to the Tyrannosaur paddock. p - God produces dinosaurs. God ruins dinosaurs. God produces guy. Male damages God. Male produces dinosaurs. - Dinosaurs consume male. Lady acquires the planet. p - We"ll attempt to attract the Rex currently. Maintain viewing the fencing. p (GOAT BLEATING PLAINTIVELY) p - What"s mosting likely to occur to the goat? - He"s mosting likely to consume the goat? - Exceptional. p h2 Leading ranked lines from this motion picture h2 Invite to Jurassic Park. br You recognize anyone that can network 8 link equipments and also debug 2 million lines wherefore I bid for this work? "Trigger if you can, I"d love to see them. Great hat. What"re you attempting to resemble, a scout? I actually dislike that male. br Play bring? Look, stick. Check out stick. Stick, dumb. Bring the stick, child. Jurassic Park Noise Clip div p Pay attention or download and install to appear clips of voice quotes and also audio results tasted from the film Jurassic Park (1993 ). All waveform examples remain in wav and also mp3 layout. Stars b: Sam Neill (Dr. Alan Give), Laura Dern (Dr. Ellie Sattler), Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Ian Malcolm), Wayne Knight (Dennis Nedry), Richard Attenborough (John Hammond) Buy Blu-ray on|Advertisement p Most Recent Motion Picture Blurb h3 div style="text-align: center" imager_2_17571_700.jpg" alt="*" div The Amityville Scary (1979) (569 Appears/ Quotes) br imager_3_17571_700.jpg" alt="*" Martial Art Zombie (599 Seems/ Quotes) god-creates-man-man-creates-dinosaurs Cannibal Holocaust (453 Appears/ Quotes) imager_5_17571_700.jpg" alt="*" The Wicker Guy (1973) (569 Appears/ Quotes) br An American Monster in London (746 Appears/ Quotes) br Survey h3 You are utilizing movie audios: to understand english talking as ringtones for personalized computer system seems in a voice mail in songs blends for sharing them with buddies to see if you ought to get a flick Outcomes br (2021) - Pay attention as well as download and install to lines as well as quotes from films which can be made use of as ringtones. A motion picture expressions as well as expressions online search engine. p