Genesis 12:3 educates us that "I will certainly honor those that honor you." God will certainly honor those that honor you . You can decide for Israel. Defend Israel. Defend Israel. Wish Israel. Honor Israel today, as well as might God honor you in return.

"They will certainly slice down her woodland,"proclaims the LORD,"thick though it be.They are much more various than grasshoppers, they can not be counted."-- Jeremiah 46:23

In these knowledgeables from the prophet Jeremiah, we checked out the pending devastation of Egypt, words of damage strangely comparable to those Moses talked centuries previously to a various Egyptian pharaoh. The moments had actually transformed yet the tale continued to be the very same. Would certainly Egypt ever before learn?In defining

the devastation that would certainly concern Egypt, God claimed, "They will certainly cut down her woodland," proclaims the LORD, "thick though it be. They are extra many than grasshoppers ..." In explaining the opponents ready to dominate Egypt, God contrasted them to cicadas. This had not been by crash. This is a straight referral to among the 10 plagues that strike Egypt in Moses' time. By making this link, God was informing Egypt that they need to have picked up from their past. Yet they really did not.

After the incredible and also significant damage of Egypt caused in Moses' time, you would certainly believe that Egypt had actually discovered its lesson as well as would certainly never ever touch Israel once more. Yet, we reviewed in 1 Kings 14:25-- 26 that following King Solomon‘‘ s fatality, Shishak, king of Egypt, robbed Jerusalem as well as also audaciously swiped all Solomon's gold guards. Later in 2 Kings 23:29-- 30, the Egyptian Pharaoh Neco eliminated the exemplary king of Judah, Josiah. Countless times throughout scriptural background Egypt went against Israel's trust fund as well as either struck or betrayed her.Through His prophet Jeremiah, God was stating sufficient suffices. The moment for judgment had come.Today, we need to

ask the exact same concern: Will Israel's opponents ever before find out? Throughout background God has actually penalized those that suppress Israel. Why do countries remain to prompt Him?In the 2nd component of Genesis 12:3, God claims,"whoever curses you I will certainly curse." As God claimed, it will certainly be. Have a look at Joel 3:1-- 2," In those days as well as back then, when I recover the ton of money of Judah and also Jerusalem I will certainly collect all countries and also bring them to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will certainly place them on test of what they did to my inheritance, my individuals Israel, due to the fact that they spread my individuals amongst the countries and also split up my land."God has actually brought back the Jewish individuals to Judah.

The countries have actually currently separated up the land. The only point left is judgment. As 2 components of the prediction have actually currently happened, we have to honor those that honor Israel, those that honor you, and also have belief that the remainder will certainly be satisfied soon. Opponents of Israel, keep in mind!