Attract GamesPowerballMega Many Millions Florida LottoCash4Life Pot Three-way Play Dream 5 Choose 5 Choose 4 Select 3 Select 2 Scratch-OffsFast PlayGame Play h2 Exactly how to Play h2 Suit any one of YOUR NUMBERS solid to any one of the WINNING NUMBERS solid, win REWARD revealed for that number. Obtain a "5X" solid icon, win 5 TIMES solid the REWARD solid revealed for that icon! Obtain a "10X" icon, win solid 10 TIMES solid the REWARD revealed for that sign! Obtain a "GOLDBAR" solid icon, win $500 solid immediately! Obtain a solid "MONEYBAG" solid icon, win all 20 REWARDS revealed! Ticket Cost: solid $20.00 Release Day: October 08, 2018 solid End Day: solid TBA Redemption Target date: TBA p Probabilities of Profits as well as Prizes h2 Reward AmountOdds of WinningTotal PrizesPrizes RemainingPrizes Paid tr $5,000,000.00 td 1-in-10,149,500 td 9 td 1 td 8 $1,000,000.00 1-in-2,029,900 45 3 42 td tr td $100,000.00 td 1-in-3,044,850 td 30 td 1 td 29 $10,000.00 td 1-in-120,112 td 761 td 66 td 695 $1,000.00 1-in-4,996 18,303 td 1,359 td 16,944 td $500.00 td 1-in-153 598,854 34,129 td 564,725 td $100.00 1-in-37 td 2,501,447 155,010 2,346,437 td $50.00 td 1-in-30 td 3,050,727 td 194,405 2,856,322 td tr td $40.00 td 1-in-30 td 3,050,727 td 194,096 td 2,856,631 $30.00 1-in-30 td 3,050,727 td 196,188 td 2,854,539 $25.00 1-in-30 td 3,050,727 td 198,905 2,851,822 tr td $20.00 td 1-in-6 15,253,588 td 997,819 td 14,255,769 td p General Chances: 1-in-2.99 PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Prizes, consisting of the leading rewards, might be inaccessible sometimes of ticket acquisition as a result of previous sale or various other reasons happening in the typical program of service. Every initiative has actually been made to guarantee the details supplied over is exact. Nonetheless, in case of a mistake, the video game policies will be managing. p