The leopard shark is one of the most primary shark located in San Francisco Bay. Sporting activity and also industrial anglers seek this shark, as it is marketed as a food resource. The leopard shark can mature to 6 feet long and also are recognized for their gorgeous markings. The leopard shark mainly feeds upon tiny fish as well as invertebrates.The brownish smoothhound shark is the 2nd most plentiful shark discovered in the Bay. The smoothhound is brownish-gray and also can mature to 3 feet in size. This shark feeds and also is a lower occupant on ghost shrimp, little fish, crabs, and also worms. The golden state sea lions discover them to be a yummy reward as well as are their leading killer. That would certainly be the [you are questioning what the Bay's greatest aquatic killer is [solid> broadnose sevengill shark. You presumed it, this shark obtains its name from the 7 gills on the sides of its head. They typically expand to regarding 10 feet and also can consider approximately around 230 extra pounds. They can be hostile if prompted; as a result, they can be unsafe. The soupfin or tope shark has a blue to a dusky grey shade and also expands to 6 feet long. There is a recognized market for it, so, for that reason, it is gathered throughout its variety. In Asia, the soupfin shark's huge fins are extremely valued for their usage in soups. The spiny dogfish shark is a sluggish swimmer and also can be located practically worldwide. Called for the spinal column that sticks out from the front of its dorsal fin, it might measure up to a century and also seldom expands longer than 40 inches. As you can see, none of these sharks strike worry right into individuals's hearts. However what concerning the terrific white shark? Does not the Bay have a track record for being a hotbed of wonderful white task?

Great White Sharks

Well, not rather. While excellent white sharks are sometimes seen near the Golden Gateway Bridge, they seldom wander off right into the Bay's major waters. Terrific whites are most plentiful near the Farallon Islands, 35 miles west of the Golden Entrance Bridge. The islands are marked as a safeguarded National Wild animals Sanctuary and also as a National Marine Refuge, so they are shut to the general public.
Sturdy and also including wild animals, the Farallons are residence to lots of sea lions and also elephant seals, 2 of the terrific white's preferred target. Researchers approximate there go to the very least 80 shark strikes around the Farallons throughout the elevation of fall shark period, which is commonly called "Sharktober." Nevertheless, like various other Bay shark numbers, the total seasonal fantastic white shark populace is unidentified, with price quotes from thirty to greater than one hundred. Bay Location Solutions Enjoyable Reality: When an angler inadvertently hooked an eight-footer near Alcatraz, the most current fantastic white discovery in the Bay was in July 2019. The shark dragged the watercraft for a hr and also 2 miles prior to the angler reduced the line, which is needed by legislation. Fantastic white sharks have actually been shielded in The golden state's waters because 1994, and also it is unlawful to capture, seek, quest, capture, or eliminate a terrific white shark.

Survival Difficulties Dealing With Bay Sharks

Just like any one of the various other aquatic life varieties that reside in the Bay, sharks deal with serious ecological obstacles because of contaminants, hefty steels, plastic, as well as various other kinds of contamination that wind up in the water of the Bay. The overfishing, dredging, as well as human use the Bay likewise add to the sharks' obstacles as well as all the various other water life that lives there.Of those, contamination presents one of the most substantial threat to sharks and also individuals that consume them. Bottom fish like leopard and also smoothhound sharks collect within their bodies toxic substances, chemicals, mercury, as well as hefty steels they consume from feeding upon animals that reside in the often-contaminated debris of the Bay flooring. The golden state health and wellness authorities suggest that females under 45 and also kids under 17 ought to not consume any kind of kind of shark captured in the Bay since of this. For others, one offering a week is thought about secure. Those that do delight claim that leopard shark preferences like salmon. Bay sharks additionally commonly deal with risks from sea lions and also various other sharks like the aggressive sevengill shark. Bloodsuckers are additionally a substantial hazard and also was in charge of huge kill-offs of Bay sharks in 2011, 2017, and also 2019.

Where to Swim with Fishes (and also Sharks):

While there are lots of areas in San Francisco where you can find out to scuba dive, real diving places in the instant San Francisco location are limited. The Bay Location's finest diving experiences are located along the San Mateo shore, in the Santa Cruz location, as well as Monterey, a magnificent location of all-natural elegance, 2 hrs southern of San Francisco. It's residence to the prominent Monterey Bay Fish tank and also miles of one of the most amazing coast you might ever before see. Probably the most effective method to stand up individual as well as close with the sea animals belonging to the San Francisco Bay is by seeing Fish tank of the Bay at Pier 39 on Angler's Jetty. There you'll see most of the sharks stated previously, in addition to bat rays, colleges of anchovies, sturgeon, the large Pacific octopus, jellyfish, as well as the unusual The golden state sheephead. See the fish tank's web site for details on tickets and also unique occasions.


The sharks of the Bay may not be an especially terrifying whole lot, and also they're possibly probably a lot more frightened of you than you are of them. Actually, with ordinary water temperature levels of 56 ° F, hypothermia presents even more of a hazard to Bay swimmers than assaults by sharks or any type of various other aquatic animal. So, endeavor right into the Bay, if you risk. Simply do not hesitate of the sharks.